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Weekly schedules & Local zones need to be updated

We haven’t had a weekly schedule update since 1.9, and that wasn’t even an update at all to them really, since the only week that changed was armor with carbonemys being added to it. We haven’t had a real week update since 1.8 which has been almost a year since then, same exact issue with local zones. There needs to be updated weekly schedules and zones every patch or every other patch so we’re not darting the same ol same ol everytime. Creatures like meiolania should’ve already been added to the heavy armor week, and I really shouldn’t even be having to say this and yet here we are. ZONE MIGRATIONS. Please please just rotate them every so often as well, i’m sick and tired of having to dart the same stuff over and over again and i’m sure most could say the same, and if this trend continues people such as myself won’t really have much movtivation to hunt anymore.