Weekly Showcase incubator back on sale - Blue & Indoraptor


Just noticed the incubator has returned to the Market. Looks like they’ve fixed the problem where Indoraptor was not being rewarded correctly and it’s now been added to the game. You can see it’s now been added as a hybrid option to the velociraptor.

Anyone who encounters it in the Arena please post screenshots!


I’m afraid you’re only purchasing a chance to get the dinosaurs in the image, not a guarantee of them all.

You should have got at least some DNA for one of the dinosaurs in the image though. Which one did you get?


I thought that by the photo of the incubator that represents an indoraptor would have adn of this dinosaur but it has not been like that. I think it’s deceptive advertising to show you something that you do not get afterwards.


I’m excited it’s back, but they need to hurry up and respond to the people who got bugged incubators. If I don’t get a refund for the one that gave me last week’s DNA, I can’t buy the correct one before it disappears.


OMG, I didn’t think about that. There’s no way they’re going to get around to people’s tickets before the incubator disappears - there’s a big backlog at the moment.

I’m sure they’ll be able to add one to your account retrospectively though.


Yeah, it is back … and the moment it was I felt the pain in Arena (around 1900). Someone started with Indoraptor … other battle someone with BLUE … damn.


If I were to buy this incubator, would I get enough dna to unlock say, blue or indoraptor?


Hmm, not sure - you need 250 for a unique so may not get enough from just one incubator.

Epics need 200 though (I think) so you could get Blue from just one.


You aren’t guaranteed either, you just have a chance at them. And the amount of DNA you get is random, and not necessarily enough to create them. Like I opened one today that had some Blue DNA, but only 46. And the other I opened had no Blue. Neither had any Indoraptor.


The real money price tag didn’t make you feel scammed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~edit accidentally replied to the wrong person… still, $40+ AU seems a little… over the top lol


Wait, you gotta fuse both V-raptor and I-Rex? Well, they made that tough to get, didn’t they? Then again, makes sense…hold up, this thing’s in the game….


I pay for a lot of these incubators by doing task with Tapjoy. :woman_shrugging: I do put some money into it though. Usually I buy whatever offer there is for leveling up, because it comes with an incubator and then a cash bonus, and the cash bonus can be put toward the weekly incubators. It’s expensive and I’ve spent more than I should have, but it’s my hobby and I love this game so far, so that eases the blow. xD


Fair call.

I’m extremely anti loot box since the Playing Starwars Battlefront and SWTOR… and Flutter etc. I won’t even pay a subscription for apps (except Zombies!Run… SO addicted to that app lol… it’s only $12 per year though!).

I have to admit I’ve blown a LOT of money on games like WoW and my PC RPGs though, so if it’s your chosen hobby it makes the content more valuable :slightly_smiling_face:


Just want to notice that “epic incubator” only guaranteed constant amount of common, rare and epic DNA.
Also these DNA will be randomly distribute to weekly dinos, unless it have additional guarantee rule.
(ex: last week showcase guaranteed its rare DNA for Carnotaurus)

So, this special showcase won’t guarantee for Indoraptor DNA. There’s 3 epic creatures in this week, and showcase DNA will just choose 2 species in every rarity rank. That means maybe you won’t get any Blue DNA from this special showcase.


I got the incubator I sadly didn’t get blue but I got the other two epics :slight_smile: i was really hopeing for the indo but it dosnt say you can get his variety just rares commons and epics hmmm


A lot of game developers are getting sued these days for not providing percentages for the rewards of each loot box. By not providing the exact percentage you have to get something they are leaving themselves open to a suit. I hope you can get your money back but these kind of games will send you a generic response telling you there is nothing they can do for you.