Weekly showcase taken off, how about bugs?


I login the game a while ago, and noticed that weekly showcase (with Blue DNA inside) had been taken off.
Now there’s only stunning showcase and other normal ones.

So, that’s it?
Some players got last week DNA from new weekly showcase in the first hour, just like me.
Others should gain Indoraptor DNA, but game glitched when opening showcase, and didn’t gave them.

Will Ludia fix these bugs and gave us some compensation?
I mailed their support team about 13 hours ago, and got only auto reply until now.


Same problem here. I HOPE we’ll get some compensation… imagine my face when I was like “omg indoraptor blue need” and then got friggin Concavenator amd T-Rex instead. Still no reply to my ticket either except for the generic "did you look at these topics"reply.


My theory is that they accidentally released the showcase. I mean the movie hasn’t even been released in some places yet. Also they will probably make indoraptor incubators cost 100 dollars


Compensation would be nice for those who got the wrong box tho :’)