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Weekly themed scents? <3

I simply wanted to do a good gesture (aside from all my complaints) as I always would if its deserved. I have complained about more specific scents countless times on here, some time ago. Many agreed and probably mentioned it too.

Well the past two weeks have had themed scents available, and gave me a slight feeling they do listen (they just take very long to do anything). And this week the scents are worth getting a few imo. The nimble therapod I personally love these more than boosts.

I really hope it becomes an on going thing, weekly themed scents. That could be something you did do good atm.

@Ludia_Developers @Ned


I agree. This is something I’ve been asking for as well.

Yeah I’m normally on here complaining about DC, matchmaking, and ugly pachy hybrid lol. All the bad things unfortunately are blinding the good things. Such as these scents. They’re not much and won’t make up for all the mess going on. However, nobody has pointed these out yet and they totally deserve to be pointed out.

I’ve asked for these for months on end. I love scent hunting. But don’t like gambling so these make me happy. They’re far less of a gamble.

I skip boosts and buy scents all the time with my hard cash


YES! Love ’em! :heart:


Bought one 2 days ago, hoping to buy another as soon as I get 7 more cash. The first nimble theropod scent gave me an Erliko epic and several deinocheirus and dilophosaurus.

Hey Sixty-Four, thank you and everyone for your feedback! :slight_smile:

I hate to spoil them for you but they are hot garbage. Unlike a normal rare scent where you get an average of 5 or 6 rares per scent with 19 spawns these give you 1. That is it just 1. If you are super lucky you might get a second but i wasted 5 and got ornithomimus 4 of the 5 times and each scent only gave me 1 rare.

Waste of hard cash. But good luck to you Sir.

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Well I think you might of had bad luck. In one of my scents I got 2 erlik g2, mono epic, and 2 dilos. In return its specific rares instead of chances at pulling Owen’s Raptors or rares you don’t want.

I bought one and will not buy it again. Got edmontosaurus at the start, then got 8 parasaurolophuses and 7 iguanodons.
Hoped to get at least one tenontosaurus, but nada. Stegosaurids scent came through in last two spawns, though.after wuerho, got only stegosaurus and maiasaura. Then second to last, i got touija and the last one was kentro.
But i think its not worth buying it, considering the chances.

I was excited to see this as well. It’s gotten so boring fighting the same 3 dinos in scent strikes. Different theme ones for different types of rewards is legit. Well play Ludia!

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