Weekly tournament revamp idea

A tournament is like a league, in any sports, with certain rules like the conditions of dinos eligible.
At the current situation, players who has all the time with him/her gets an advantage of more playing.
Would any sports of tourney allow matches to be unlimited and points given for any win???

I think we should change the tournament to start with new weekly mission.

Each player should only be allowed to play a max of example 20-30 battles PER DAY.

Not only it can help weekly mission quota it also seems fair to the end result.

Of course i can’t “match” the battle…something which perhaps needs some fairness.

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Every player will play 50( or 100 ) battles at most and then the trophy will be final.The end result will summarize all the trophies to determine the standing . Probably there will be ties.Then the reward will be sent to 2 or more people.

That was my suggestion long ago.Tournaments winners determined mostly by Ties and TIME .Some people can’t spare so much free time in weekends.

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