Weekly tournament

Just wondering if everyone else is getting as bored and frustrated as I am with the weekly tournaments. Personally I thought last weeks, one takedown was a new low and these common tournaments are just awful, I don’t know how but I keep coming up against level 30’s, all of my resources go to into my team, I haven’t got one common over level 20 and it’s a grind getting my 10 takedowns.

Here’s an idea, why don’t ludia open up all dinos to all players for the tournaments regardless of their game level, default dinos to level 26 with no boosts and let the games begin. It will give lower level players a taste of the legendary and uniques that they are trying to get in their own teams, will add more variety and winning will be more down to skill rather than who has spent the most money on the game. Just a thought.

It’s always Skill and then Advantage so it’s even unless it’s a 5 week month or ludia decides to make 2 advantage back to back again.

As for unlocking all creatures for everyone, kind of defeats the purpose of the game to go out and hunt to unlock creatures doesn’t it?

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How is unlocking dinos for everyone for the tournament only defeating the purpose of the game? It just gives the lower level players a chance to use creatures they may be months or years away from obtaining.

So many players are quitting because it takes so long to get the creatures they want, this may inspire them to stick with the game a bit longer.

The game is a marathon not a race. The game is about the grind, paying to win, or a combination of both. Everyone starts the same and newer players get lots of perks that weren’t available for original players which includes leveling player and creature levels as well as raids, donations, sancs, alliance missions, so the playing field is even for everyone and it’s up to you how you play and that will determine what you get from the game and how you progress.