Weird Animations

The velociraptor entrance in this game kinda creeps me out, the way it pulls its head back and grins.

Mortem may look imposing on her entrance, but pyrri is the most fabulous lass I’ve seen, that’s a heck of an entrance

It would crush the dinos if it landed on them lol

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I love It lol

The cats’ swap in animations are buggy too, not just the sound. They kind of freeze in a standstill position, raise their heads, and make no noise.

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I would like if Tryko had a tail swipe animation when going for Resilient Impact as well as the counter attack.
Hes tail is literally a thagomizer.


I miss the little dance Zorion used to do when it would swap in dodge.

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I know! I miss that too :sleepy:

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I think I can answer this question. As for the counter attacks, yoshi does have a non-damage animation, the instant distract/evasive stance one. The problem with this is that it takes too long to execute. For a counter attack, it is used almost every turn, so it has to be short. You have probably noticed that most dinos have two or three animations, basic attack, greater attack, and non-damage. The basic attack is the only one that doesn’t change the angle of the shown dino. So instead of making a whole new animation, they reused the shortest one.

For the mammoth IIT, it is the same thing. Animations are not easy to make, and costs quite a bit of money. So they reused the one that they thought fits best. But I agree, mammoth IIT should be same as bellow animation.

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Yeah that makes sense. It would be nice if they had a fast non-damage animation, but that might be a lot of work. Thanks for the explanation!

But yeah, the Woolly Rhino IIT should be the same as it’s non-damaging animation. Its interesting though, because Rhinos used to use a faster non-damaging animation for their old basic attack (the one with instant shields), but now they do a quick swipe with their horn. So maybe quick non-damaging animations do exist?

Yeah the rhinos definitely have a quick non-damaging animation

Screenshot_20201029-101828_JW Alive

I wish It was the attacking with the horn animation

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Yeah exactly! Swap in Stunning strike should use the attacking with horn animation. Instant Invincibility should use the bellowing animation. It’s backwards I tell you!


Smilonemys’ entering animation should be changed back to what it was a few patches back.
Now it’s just awkward to watch.


What i hate the most is the cat swap animation without sound, oh gosh how OCD triggering that is lol

(Although was It fixed? I don’t remember)

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