Weird battle

My Stegoceratops was pitted against a Pyrritator and hit it with a Greater Stunning Strike, dealing zero (0) damage! How is this possible, considering that Pyrritator has no instant invincibility or long invincibility?

I had something like this happen with my Pyrritator receiving a zero value strike - don’t know what the opponent was but I think the attack was a strike - thought I imagined it!

I did that just now against a stegoceratops lol, but my mono did dist. impact and it died right away then my pyrritator did dist. rampage which meant the stegoceratops damage would be zero.

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Probably some type of glitch where you actually landed the damage but the game didn’t see it!

I have given up trying to figure these battles out!

It gives me an Anacin headache :face_with_head_bandage:

Rpardo has the answer above. It is not common but if two different -50% damage moves are used and the first lasts 2 turns… the result is 0 damage. They reduce the damage from base damage both times… this is incorrect in how % reduction works but it’s how Ludia does it. I.e if you reduce something by 50% and then reduce it by 50% again it would be 25% of its original value.


I had great fun back in my badlands day with gen 1 mono doing this… especially against Trex…if you start with dist rampage, then dist strike, his next attack normally a rampage with hit for 0… really funny when he crits for 0.

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