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Weird butt proud to be up there

Think its a little weird being top 250 player with dino at my level (everage at 24) . Butt with boosting everything is possible now. Other players at my rank have mutch higher leveled dino’s



Congrats though.


Look at that 22 dilo! Just a baby

Haha i know . IT is a visous baby do :wink::see_no_evil:

Congrats! Hard won I am sure irregardless of babies and boosts.


Thanks !! IT was hard work butt also luck i guess :wink: Think i Will drop down in the nearby future Haha

Sometimes I get on runs and get pretty high with trophies but not sustainable with my team level. I have about a level 25 but was able to get to a decent trophy count several times. Here is my best run.



Congrats to the OP, and this post is by no means directed at you but at Ludia.

This is a mockery of ranks, matchmaking and the team building, DNA hunting of the last year. If all you need is lvl 22 to win against the level lvl 22s you’re facing then why not encourage the OP to push on for number one spot?

It shows you how out of whack match making is that 4.5 to 5k is full of lvl 30 squads whilst the t500 is filling up with 22-25 lvl teams.


I think my team is a little worse and I’m not so far behind


Be careful Research girl is gonna come hate on you for being on the leaderboard with a low level team.


WoW ! Great job Guy’s . Top 20 with lower level dino’s :+1::ok_hand:

Congrats guys (for real) and thanks for posting this, It shows exactly whats wrong with this horrible, horrible new matchmaking.

Here is my team.

And here is my score

I’m getting much, much harder matches then anyone in this thread that has posted a pic of their team and I cannot even make it back to Aviary.

Even at my score I am facing level 29 and 30s for the entire opponent team, every match.

Not a big deal to me as I have quit doing any kind of PvP, but there are tons of people in this same broke ass leaky boat, and its taking on water fast.


You usually kick my butt when we match up

That’s why trophy counts actually don’t mean anything nowadays. I’m top 500 but there are people in the Ruins that would kick my butt.


Absolutely this. It’s not that someone with lower-level dinos shouldn’t be able to win, or that higher-level teams have a right to always win, but in how boosts almost completely negate the time and money spent on grinding and team building.

I did some math on this to try and quantify the impact, and here’s one example: applying one boost set (HP+Attack) to Indoraptor at L26 - essentially the same power increase as leveling-up to L27 - is the equivalent of getting 50,000 Velociraptor DNA, 1,800 T. Rex DNA, and 116,000 coins (assuming an average of 22.25 DNA per fuse for both Indo and I.Rex). In terms of time, I estimate it to be a shortcut of 33 days.1

That 33 days is at the core of why boosts are so disruptive, and for higher-level teams, why it feels like such an insult. All that time (and/or money paid) is negated by the boost shortcut… and that’s just with 33 days as a rough guideline for one dino; apply that across multiple dinos, and multiple boost levels, and the effect is exponential. To top it all off, this quick math ignores speed boosts, and the scaling for DNA in subsequent level-ups.

1. Based on the following assumptions: 1,800 T. Rex DNA at an average of 160 DNA per encounter, means 11 total encounters. If a player sees a T. Rex every three days, that’s 33 days in order to level-up an Indo from 26-27… and this is being generous with rates. The same math can be applied to Velociraptor, but the timeframe is always shorter vs. T. Rex given how common Velociraptor is, generally.


This is my team, fell out of the top 500 and have no path back. Great job Ludia, no one figured a game could be fully destroyed in 1 patch, y’a proved em wrong buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeez this game is a mess


And I agree with this 100%. If boosts are here to stay their impact should not be so great. They grow in rediculous leaps per increase. Boost equate to more then lvl ups. Which basically takes one element totally out of the game. They should be scaled back a ton. Each boost stage should not equate to multiple lvl increases. They can be used to help ppl climb. But really shouldn’t be as important until you are in endgame. Once at lvl 30 small increases can gain advantage over other similar opponents. Not one lvl 24 Thor wrecking havoc on a full team of lvl 30’s


Matchmaking should go according to trophy count like it was before


Oh, and @Kees_Smolders: nicely done. Even adjusting for how overpowered boosts are, that you’ve been able to climb to such a rank - without Draco! - says something about your battle skill.

(Since I can hardly let a post go by without hating on Draco, every win and rank with Draco has an asterisk in my book. No matter how skillfully and strategically Draco is or isn’t used by a player, or whether or not a player reluctantly Dracos just remain competitive, it’s still a cheap-shot dino)

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