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Weird case


So this happened earlier…I won a fight without defeating all three creatures of my opponent, however it did not give me any points although after the fight It showed I did get them…and in my next match witch I lost it took nearly 70 point from me! Is this a common bug?


It’s because the match continued without you and you lost.

Had the same yesterday, it went directly to a you win at startup, after a restart you end up in the middle of the match.



Hey Adelito_Xhebroj, this is usually caused by a connection error, and our team is looking into it. Contact our staff at with your support key so they can gather more information and investigate. If this happens again, trying the troubleshooting steps here could help in preventing it: Lost a battle I was winning


I have not had that but think it was 2 days ago I only beat 1 dino it said I won the match gave me no points but did give me a incubator pterosaur one, it opened there and then no timer.
Was very strange as well.