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Weird display in glossary

why is antarctapelta shown like this? I have no copies.

You might have it unlocked or there is one in your market


You have it unlocked, but no current copies.


You also might be hatching it right now.

But it is probably what @Indoraptor08 and @Timmah said

Indeed, unlocked. Is it in one of the battle stages? I just don’t remember unlocking and have no copies anywhere.

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I think that was the one everybody accidentally got the unlock for.


It was, but they relocked it, at least for me.

I have always regretted only buying 2 copies, I thought it was going to be permanent. Edit: I just checked my market. It says ‘unlocked at Battle stage 95’

This is my battle stage 95

That is not Antarctopelta! @Ned or @Keith, do you know what is happening?


It’s a glitch. Been there for months, since it became a battle stage

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So what do you get from Battle stage 95? I really wanted more Antarctopelta.

Megatherium is battle stage 95 and pelta is 99


Good, just so long as I can get him. Thanks :ok_hand:

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