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Weird DNA catching bug

Excuse me?

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I was just trying to catch Ouranosaurus, and it glitched after I launched back to the map then loaded to an extreme closeup of the plain map then showed this, before going to the screen it was meant to. I tried it again and it does the same on every Dino

In addition I could see the drone and creature and dart as usual but afterwards it didn’t show the thumbnail of the creature with the amount of (captured) dna, just a blue screen and the “bubbely things”. Didn’t capture it on screenshot unfortunately… on XR iOS latest version as is the game

New dino! you should dart it and create it then put it on your team :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey BrookoSlayz, could you email our support team here at with your support key and device information so our team can investigate? Thanks!

Could you email that information to our team at Your support key shouldn’t be posted on the forums. :slight_smile: