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Weird Evolution Chamber Glitch

Hi. 1st time poster, long time lurker. Been playing the game since February this year.

Anyway, just wanted to share this weird Evolution chamber glitch I encountered. Yesterday I fused together a level 40 Tapejalosaurus + its S-DNA to create the superhybrid Tapejacelophalus. I got the message that the evolution was completed but when I checked, I got this screen. No option to enter the chamber although it says “Evolution Processed.”

Tried exiting and entering, but still no effect. I already emailed support. I was just curious if anyone else has encountered this?

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Welome to the forum @JDLC! Support will respond in around 5 business days and in case they find out the error, they’ll give you a compensation. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jurassic_Fury. Been playing this game for almost 7 months, first time this happened to me. I’m aware of the problems with the ICL, haven’t heard anything about the regular Creation Lab though, that’s why I used it to create the super-hybrid


Welcome @JDLC, havent seen this glitch before, good thing it’s in the second chamber and not the first though.

Have you tried entering the paddock of tapejalosaur? You could try this to see if you can get into the chamber that way?

Thanks @Aether_12!

Turned out to be a RAM issue. When I checked my phone’s RAM usage, it was up to 80%. Used my phone’s Smart Manager to clear memory, and voila! Problem solved (:smile:


Wow 80 percent? How is your game not crashing at that usage? :joy:

Congrats tho that’s the next super hybrid I will be making (it looks so much better than tapejalosaur imo)

Your loyalty points are impressive btw. :+1:

Yeah surprised about that myself, but my phone’s an old one, it normally reaches 60-70% RAM usage, even when just surfing the net. I did notice the game starting to lag lately. Glad I checked (:smile:

As for the LP, saving up for VIP discounts in the future. Takes a lot of patience and willpower not to go on a spending spree though :joy:

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