Weird friend request

Just got this friend request and this is them. I’ve hidden they’re name and stuff but what a weird team

Amazing, simply amazing, who wields such power? A level 1 Eniasaurus is God tier. Amazing.

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Former spoofer after reset! A newbie that just started! A visual glitch! All of the above!

Now they’ve vanished from my friend list but now I’ve got someone else in they’re place .weird

but this person has a different name than the other one

I got someone similar …

Looks like they are coming in a pack …

You just get it recently?

Either yesterday or today

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: complete sentence

Weird. I just got the request ten fifteen mins ago from the first person and now in they’re place is the other player

The strange thing is I am sure I never battle them before (it is a level 4 for me), how do they find my name and tag

That’s what I thought cos ok you could search for glasgowpaddy but how would they find my #number thing cos they’re such a low level we’ll have never battled

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I accidentally pressed the reject button …

Eniosaurus can kill Indoraptor in 1 hit.