Weird glitch. Anyone else have this happen?

Just finished darting a triceratops and at the screen that confirms the dna won - out of no where - a pvp “you win” screen pops up. Says I won a epic incubator and gives me 24 trophies.

The problem of course is that I haven’t battled anyone in over 2 hours and all my incubator slots are full. So I didn’t actually get the incubator but I did get trophies and a little bit of coins.

I’m thinking I got someone else’s stuff :cry:

I was wondering who stole my Epic Incubator! To be serious though, I’ve never had that happen to me personally.

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Hey Paul_Abeyta, we’ve had reports of something similar to your scenario before, and a connection error most likely caused it from one of your previous matches.

However, if this continues to occur, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this and investigate if you provide them with the date and time of when it happens again here at It’d be helpful if you include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

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