Weird glitch in Campaign - Two of the same creature

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Bug Description: Double erlidoms!

Area is was found in: In campaign

How do you reproduce the bug:
I honestly dont know. When i go to campaign and click on stage 77 i saw that my team was already selected, however the game though i didnt select my team so it let me select another dino that was already in my team. Watch the video below.

How often does it happen: Not that often

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy 9S

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Oh Yeah Ive Actually Had this Happen To Me I Used Procerathomimus In My Team But Exited Out Beccause That Was The Only Level 14 Or Higher Dino I Had (i was on level 49) And Then A Week Later I Checked Back On And Procerathomimus Was Still Selected But I Was Able To Use Him Again I Have Not Been Able To Recreate This Situation I Say Just Use It Whenever It Happens As A Way To Use A Dino More Than Once.

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Hey Nighty_201, thanks for providing that video!

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Do You Know What Might Be Causing This? As I Think It Provides Unfair Advantages Like Having 2 Geminititans Or In My Case 2 Procerathomimus Both Allowing For Constant Switching And Nullifying.

@Mason64, Im not certain of the reason, but please rest assured that our team is investigating this issue.

My brain is puzzled on how you managed to enter in the first place

Im confused too.