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Weird glitches

So… I’ve been playing JWTG for a while now, and some weird glitches have started to pop up; such as this:

You may have encountered this already, but this happens when you click on “get more” or “search” when you tap on any MOD card’s image in the MOD categories section. It is extremely strange. Feel free to post any other glitches you’ve come across!

Why are you censoring your resources? :joy:


Sorry, I just didn’t want anyone to notice I have low amounts…

At least I didn’t censor my level!

That’s nothing bad. Low resource means that you’re spending them on creating new dinosaurs.


This is not a shame! Everybody started this game onces.

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Here is another one @Puppy_Rex

It’s a minor one.

This is pretty common. Just go to Gyrosphere then go back to events.

It is minor, but I’ve never seen it before. I kinda had to search for it first… just imagine if you did that event and it would give you that, though! Thanks for sharing, too!

It’s only the image. This works with normal packs too. If it actually glitched what the packs give you and not just the look. Can’t complain when you buy a Solid Gold and recieving a Century Pack.

Just in case you didn’t realize, the reason people asked is because usually players try to hide those if they are hacking the game. But I can understand not wanting to show everyone else what resources you have all the time … better would be to just crop your screenshot so they aren’t part of it.

Oh, okay. I’m not one of those hackers and the reason I have at least something for my level is because of the prize drop… mostly going towards the food.

This image shows what I had when I sent this reply, assuming I would spend some XD

Edit: I did

Here is another one,

If you finish in dominator in both the tournament, you will get the dominator reward for both the tournament.
That is what I’m going to do

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That’s pretty cool! You’re lucky…

Yeah it happened to me twice

Wowwo! Really??

Nothing too bad. You actually have more food than me (lvl 59) after trading 4 million for LP and feeding a couple of hybrids.

1st case: Went to lvl 50 in mid of tournament
2st case: Went to lvl 60 in mid of tournament

Ok, so I recommend you guys stop doing this.

See this line: “Exploiting bugs to your advantage”

in this post:

I didn’t take it to my advantage, I just came across it (the one I posted first) and it didn’t do anything bad. Thank you for the warning, I’ll keep it in mind if I see one of those glitches.

Ok but I was not really exploiting the bug, but the second tournament came becaz of me crossing the lvl 60 xD, so it was not really wrong, however the when it happened first time, I did nothing and got a mystery pack for the fake one, so you can’t really say I have exploited the either of glitches. I appreciate your suggestion though