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Weird Hybrid Movesets

I just wanna know, why do some hybrids have completely separate moves from their parents? Like megalosuchus. It has critical impact instead of defense shattering rampage or another armor piercing move which both of its parents have. Why critical impact? And Spinotasuchus. Swoop is only somewhat useful if you’re slowed, and if spinotasuchus ever gets slowed down, which he likely will, then he’s already dead. What’s the point? Adrenaline surge worked wonders with spinotasuchus back in the day, and I’m sure it would now with all the ss and slowing dinos out there. Even monomimus. Why does it have evasive stance instead if evasive strike? I think that just replacing nullifying strike with evasive strike and evasive stance with a strike and run move would make it a bit less annoying. Many of the other hybrids that actually do use the same moves of their parents work quite well in the meta, so why the randomness?

Swoop really should be a priority move to counter the slow-down thing.