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Weird interruptions


I was battling this morning when my phone locator went off interrupting the game. It caused all kinds of problems in the battle such as I couldn’t see my opponent’s dinosaur and my move icons disappeared.

Get back into the battle and the phone locator goes off again messing the battle up again.

Thing is, I wasn’t searching for my phone or activating the phone locator so don’t know why it kept going off. But it does mess the battle up severely requiring a game restart.


yup it happens. also if you get a low battery warning etc.


Low battery warnings don’t mess up the game for me. Phone locator going off without being initiated is a problem.


I’m sorry to hear that happened @James_Simmons. It is possible that the phone locator could be somehow disrupting the connection signal on your device, which would cause disconnection problems if you were in a battle. If possible, I would suggest disabling the locator while you’re playing the game.


Thank you for the reply.

My bigger concern was the locator going off when nobody was requesting the phone to be located. It just seemed really odd.