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Weird map

Hello, I dont k ow if this is standard, but I dont have any Green boxes around ( only one as far i can see) but for example 6 same incubators right behind. I think its Very weird map setting around me as you can see on the picture included.

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This has happened to me before too. Yesterday for some odd reason the one step common strike was super hard to find. I had to travel a bit to find that one.

I don’t have a green drop in sight this weekend either. Had to go to the park to do my special event attempts. This has been happening a lot lately.

Nope, that‘s normal. They promised to raise the amount of green drops and broke that promise. That‘s how much they care about us.

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Hey StrajJara, could you send a screenshot of your in-game map to our team here at Please include your support key and the date and time of when you took the screenshot in your email as well.