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Weird Money Making Idea for Ludia

We all know Boosts are here to stay. We all know Ludia isnt going to reset boosts. We all know the self remove boosts option is a unsustainable.

Here is a solution. Instead of losing half your boosts, you pay say 100 HC to recover 1 tier of boosts from your dino. So its 3k HC to reset your tier 30 dino.

Now the question will be what is stopping whales from abusing this to mess up tournaments? Perhaps a scarring feature in which boosting and unboosting dinos more than 2 times in 1 update causes the boosts to be 90% effective or you lose 1 tier of boost limit. So a lvl 30 dino which is scarred now can only be boosted 27.times instead of 30. The more you scar your dino the less effective boosts get.

You have to buy a scar remover from the Store or better still work for it via Campaign. So moneybags cannot spend more money to mess things up.

Ludia gets a lot of extra money from selling the same amount of boosts and more from selling scar removers.