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Weird Mystery Pack Cards

Ok since yesterday or so, something weird is going on when I open my free mystery packs. When I open it the first time, everything is fine, but it gives me an option to reopen it by watching a video. After I watch the video and open the pack, this happens:

The pictures are all messed up and it shows some weird art!! I do get my resources and the rest of the game works just fine but I don’t know why the card pack is behaving so strange. Also once, the VIP building became all black but that was only once. Anyways are you guys facing this? I wanted to see if it’s some glitch in the game itself or on my phone… I doubt it’s my phone cause this has only been happening since 2 days now.

Looks like the pixels got mixed up. And the colors.

Has it happened with you? Anyway to fix it?

I have a second account on a phone that I very rarely use, only when I’m on the move.
Both issues that you described happened there too, althouh I think my decorations went black and not the buildings.
I didn’t pay too much attention on it since it didn’t affect the game play and it did not happen on my main account until now.

Thanks for reporting this, Aryamann. The team has been made aware.


Thanks a lot!! One more issue I would like to report is the one concerning unexpandable plots on Isla Sorna. I made a topic regarding that a few days back but just reminding once again. There are some plots on Isla Sorna that look expandable but are not available to expand. These are located primarily on the second row to the left of the gates of Isla Sorna. I have attached a picture below. Please make these plots available for expansion in the next update :slight_smile:


Those are not expandable by anyone at this time.

It causes weird-non square shape with some odd corners.

I know it’s not expandable currently which is why I asked for it to be expandable. Don’t get what you mean by “it causes weird non square shape with odd corners” tho…

When you have all of the expansion that you can open, the bottom left and top left both jag out for a weird shape.

They should have made it a dinosaur that you can zoom out too.