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Weird Raids Strategies

Hi guys,
As there are no new raid boss and raids become dull with same strategies each week.
So I have created this thread where we can share and try some weird and non-standard stargies against the bosses and some fun in raid again.

1.It may be fastest like in less the 6 turns.
2. With extremely low level creatures
3. Less than 4 players

Which ones you talking about?

Done against Sino in 3 turns.
Using 4 indom gen 2
Turn1: 2 mutual furies and 2 cloaks,
Turn2: The 2 cloaks rampage and the 2 mfs from the first turn cloak
Turn3: The two cloaked rampage and it’s over

Any Boss the fastest way to defeat them.

I think 4 tryos mi fun to work four therium

Entered 2nd round but lost using 4 tryos.

Smilo with 3 player