Weird slapping noise when trying to play game

Don’t know what it is don’t know where it came from don’t know how to get rid of it I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t work also my game sound normally is off so there’s that as well

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Hey @RaptorGang,
That’s quite odd.
If you don’t mind me asking:

  • What’s your mobile device and OS version?
  • Does the noise appear on a frequent basis or at key moments when you’re running the game?

  • Can you hear the game sound through earphones?

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Idk the mobile version but I’m I’m on iPhone XR and it appears every time I log on to the game and shows up when something gets clicked I don’t have earphones but it does come through my speaker


Thanks for replying, @RaptorGang.
That’s honestly the first time I hear of this issue.
I’d suggest contacting our Support team at
Wish I could find a solution, but they’ll be more of a help than I am.

I’ll forward your issue to the dev team so that they can investigate on their side.
Hope it’s not an iPhone XR specific problem.

Sorry I couldn’t be more of assistance. :frowning:


“Weird slapping noise”

I’m not too sure what this means but this could be your speaker.





Did you manage to fix the problem. I am having same crazy slapping marching noise during gameplay and lobby.



Help. Using iphone xr.


Hello @Ahsan_Khalid,

Thank you for writing, and welcome to the JWTG forum community!
Sorry to see that you hear slapping noises as well in the game.
Would you happen to have a video recording of the problem?
I could forward it to our dev team so that they can further investigate the issue. :slight_smile:

*Please make sure not to display your Support Key in the video.