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Weird Spawns


Has anyone else noticed a high level of unusual spawns in the last 2 days? I am L4, 90% of what I see is Suchomimius. Last night there was a Diplocolus next to a Suchomimus. The last 2 days I have also seen a couple of Deinocheirus. Just a couple example. We never see these in L4.

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I saw that too, I’m in L3 and a saw a suchomimus and dracorex

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I’ve seen and heard chatter of more spawnomalies than average the past couple of days. Maybe part of the wild gyro :stuffed_flatbread: week update?


doesn’t matter, all are useless commons except the white bird has some values.

i don’t see any sino even opening 2 epic scents…


I’ve noticed less Diplocaulus in Z3 and more Purrasaurus G2 and Suchomimus, especially today.


I saw an Ophicodon last night. That was the first I’ve seen one outside of parks.


I saw a rare dilo spawn in the middle of L4 yesterday. First time ive ever seen one outside its native range


I see them all the time. I swear the damn things follow me everywhere!


I just found a Stegosaurus outside of a park!

I hope this means that on 1.6 they won’t be park spawns no more!


Are you noting where exactly these anomalies take place? Could they be nest spawns. I see a Draco in a certain spot of my L1 almost daily…right outside a car repair which is Draco and Anky nest location. I see Ourano and para at banks in my L1. And Rex at night at restaurants.

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I had a diplo show up on a common scent in 1 and a lost dilo 2 in zone 2 yesterday. I watched all day for more dilo 2’s lol!


They are spawning right in my backyard and not during a scent capsul. They have never spawned before here. Usually all we ever get is suchomimus, parasauralophos, spinosaurus and monolophosaurus gen 2. Just odd the past 48 hours.


Now there is a velociraptor during the day in my backyard which is not a nest for them. Spawns are so strange right now.


Darted 2 Dilo G2s this morning in places where they had no right to be …

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Stego showed up at my house earlier today with a common scent.


I saw a sinoceratops with a Chinese menu in its hand. Walking through the streets of flushing main. She was running from an Indo Rex trying not to be made chow neon.

Aaaooooo they you for spawning .


All I can say it I’m glad this is going on. Good spawns make great fun.