Weird Strategy for Indominus Rex

So me and my clan SpittersUnited didn’t have the Phorasaura’s to deal with the minions. So what we did was use a Tryostronix, a Tyrannolophosaur, and 2 tragods. We won first try.


here’s a weird team for smilo raid, we used a lvl 16 paramoloch(unboosted), a lv 16 edmontoguanadon(unboosted), a lv 23 thor(boosted), and a lvl 22-25 dioraja(boosted)
my alliance mates didn’t believe me when I told them this worked lol

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Did one for Smilo with Tragod, Tryo, Para, and Thor. Thor was Level 25 with 1700 attack, and Tryo, Para, and Tragod were around level 17-18

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