Weirdest Battle Ever

Just had the weirdest battle in Lockwood.

So I started with my Irex and they started with Allo lvl 23. I cloak and kill Allo. Then they bring out a 24 Stegosaurus (okay I’m thinking bot now). I kill Stegosaurus and they bring out this:

The level 25 Rex kills me so I bring out Spinotah and bleed. They switch to lvl 20 Stegodeus before they can die. I bring out my utasino and beat them up a bit before switching to my 21 deus to finish them off.
The weird part is I checked their team right after the battle ( because who has a 25 rex?) And this was their team :thinking:

I have no explanation for this. And I won trophies so it wasn’t a bot.

Maybe he tried his rex out! Mostly people change their teams as soon as they finish a battle!

This is my T-rex. I’ve only seen 1 other 29 in battles so far.

Wow. That’s awesome! I wasn’t expecting to see higher than a 20 my level and then when I didn’t see 3 of the dinos I played it just seemed weird. Did you level yours so high after creating the hybrids?

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Show them ur 30 posti too :sweat_smile:

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I’ve heard about the infamous posti.

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Originally, i just kept leveling it because i wasn’t a fan of dodging dinos and couldn’t find enough of the others to make Tryko. And then i just kept going with it because it’s a beast. Now i have Indo but it’s the lowest level on my team. I’m tempted to level Indo right now but i want my T-rex to get to 30 before that. Not sure how much longer I can hold out on Indo though.

I’m probably gonna power level Tryo now that I can find Bary easily, but Trago needs some love first.