Weirdest Team you've gone against

Mine was this one:

That Stygi Gen 2 came out and that confused the heck out of me. They have a pretty decent trophy count, too. I lost, but my phone died in the middle of battle. I hope to face them again to see what I can really do.

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I’ve came across some teams that seem to be really high level commons and rares and no hybrids and yeah it confuses the hell out of you for a minute. but read ages ago here that there’s a lot of players that decided to upgrade them and save coin and dna rather than make hybrids

Actually looking at you’re team you’ve kinda done the same-ish

That kind of makes sense. And props to those who can have a team like that in the 39XX trophy range. I don’t think it really saves coins though. It takes the same amount of coin to level a unique from lvl 21 to lv 22 as it would for them to lvl stygi from lvl 21 to 22. Less DNA required of course. It’s refreshing to find some different dinos at this level instead of the typical ones.

I just meant that instead of blowing coin on creating hybrids they save it and use it on the basic dinos but yeah totally good luck to them . Apart from when I fight them in that case I hope they lose signal :joy::joy:

This just now. I was dropping so I purposely lost to the level 21 Irritator Gen 2.