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Weirdness, Spawning Errors, and Related BUGS

I just got back into the house after taking a walk – and I took notes. Is anyone else seeing weird buggy problems like the following…?

  1. Irritator Gen 2 is down the block & around the corner. I get within about 140’, decide I don’t want to walk further in that direction, tap on the dino – and it disappears, never to be seen again.

  2. Another Irritator Gen 2 is just a few houses off to one side of my route so I walk toward it. I get real close, tap on it, and it disappears. I haven’t quite finished cussing when it suddenly reappears (no spawn “buzz,” it just was suddenly there again). I tap on it, get the display telling me it’s 49 feet away, tap on the button to dart it – and I’m suddenly back on the main map, with the dino standing where it was. I tap on it again, and this time things work normally.

  3. I walk within a few feet of an Apatosaurus, tap on it, and the usual display comes up. I tap on the button to dart it, and suddenly I’m back on the main map. I tap on the Apatosaurus a 2nd time and things work normally.

  4. I’m collecting a supply drop when a Quetzalcoatalus spawns just a few feet away from me. I tap on it, and it disappears, almost immediately re-spawning directly across the street. I tap on it, and it disappears only to immediately re-spawn again about 50 feet to the right. I tap on it AGAIN and things work normally.

  5. I notice a Triceratops Gen 2 a short walk down a side street. My battery’s getting low so I mark the spot in my mind, turn off my phone, and walk toward the spot. I turn my phone back on when I’m a couple of houses away and the Trike G2 is still there; I tap on it and realize i can get closer, so I cancel and walk right up to it. It’s still on-screen so I tap on it, expecting to see I’m about 16 feet away – but it disappears. A couple of seconds later, a Diplocaulus spawns on the exact same spot.

  6. I see a supply drop, treasure chest, and Suchomimus a couple of buildings away so I walk to the spot; I do not turn off my phone but I am just holding it down by my side while I walk for about a minute. When I get to the spot, I check my phone – the display is still active and the treasure chest & supply drop are still there but the Suchomimus is now on the opposite side of the buildings (a lot closer to where I had just come from). To my surprise, darting it works normally.

  7. An Apatosaurus spawns nearby; I think for a moment, decide to dart it, tap on it – and it disappears. About 15 seconds later it re-spawns in the same spot and I dart it normally.

  8. I walk up to where an Irritator Gen 2 is standing, tap on it, and it disappears only to reappear in the same spot about 2 seconds later. I tap on it, get the distance display (49 feet), tap on the button, and am suddenly back on the map with the Irritator Gen 2 in its original spot only now there’s a Hatzegopteryx immediately next to it. I tap on the IG2 again and things work normally – until I’ve collected my DNA and return to the map only to see the IG2 standing in exactly the same spot. I am then able to collect DNA from it (again) and the Hatzegopteryx normally.

  9. Finally, a Diplocaulus spawns a short distance in front of me. I don’t need it (I have well over 200K Diplocaulus DNA) but am curious so I tap on it, get the distance display (62 feet), tap the button… and am immediately back on the main map with the Diplo sitting right where it was. I ignore it and walk home.

Earlier in the day, in 2 different episodes, I had a Nundasuchus and another Irritator Gen 2 pull the whole “disappear when tapped on and then reappear” act on me. Is anyone else seeing this garbage or am I just lucky? :frowning: