Weirdo's JWTG Park Progression - Plans, Goals, and Updates

Hi all,

Before I get started, I want to give you some background information. I’m a Weirdo :nerd_face: (if you can’t already tell), I started this game in October of 2021, and am currently park level 67. After completing Nodosaurus COT (2 months ago I think), I decided to take a break because I started to get bored of the game. However, now I am back and ready to continue the grind.

My resources are as follow:

And here is my current lineup, with the threshold being LVL 40 Commons.

So for the question everyone loves to ask: How can I improve my lineup? You see, my top dino has a ferocity of 4124.6 (using 3.2*a + h). Like 10 or so dinos down, my level 40 Alangasaurus, has a ferocity of 2010.4. That is a ferocity gap of 2114.2! And as you can see, it only goes downhill from there. Its come to the point where I cannot do more than one daily event in one sitting, without spending bucks. So I’ve come up with this solution, however stupid it may be. I was thinking of selling my top 3 dinos (shybrids) and using the DNA I get from that to max up a lot of legendaries. The only problem with that is that I do not have the food to feed even one legendary to LVL 40. I think the most effective way if get food is doing Coin —> Food trades in TH, but my coin production is abysmal. I’ll post more on that later as I’m too lazy to talk about it now.

I will post in this thread occasionally, asking for feedback and decisions to make as I progress through JWTG. If you got to here, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and as always, feedback and suggestions are very appreciated : ) :sauropod:



I would first like to mention that I’m not exactly a veteran at this game (started late dec 2021), but I have managed to maintain a balanced lineup around your current level (level 10 vip ferocity).

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Selling your top 3 Dino’s would definitely be a good start to make your daily events easier.
  2. Make sure you spend all your loyalty points on 10k VIP packs. You should be able to get around 1 a week. Level 10 should be around 2500 ferocity.
  3. I would invest dna into hybrids (buy during the Wednesday hybrid discount if possible) Legendaries are fairly common to get for free through events/tournaments (you would have to sacrifice not getting dominator). This does require patience but I have not bought a single legendary and I have 7 level 30 legendaries (and a lot still backlogged to be hatched).
  4. Instead of aiming for level 40 legendary ferocity, level 10 vip (level 30 legendary) ferocity could slow down your progression just a bit to make it easier short term. (You could still try to keep your Indom, nundago, rajastega) I prefer smaller steps and goals but it’s all up to you.
  5. Food might be an issue but hatching should take a decent amount of time, during which your food generator should generate enough food to catch up (assuming you don’t use bucks to speed up… so far food has not been an issue for me)

Good luck and make sure to have fun!


Any recommendations?

Completely fine with slowing down progress.

Usually, for the common rare and super rare Dinos I speed up hatching time so I’ll try not to do that next time

Thank you so much for your advice : )

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I would buy multiple copies of any hybrid you currently have unlocked, especially ones that have super hybrids (carnoraptor, stegoceratops, etc). For example you could make 4 level 20 carnoraptors and eventually you will evolve them to level 40 when you advance your lineup. All the hybrids are still decent to have (other than maybe diplo or tapejalo because you have the super hybrid unlocked already though tapejalo just under level 20 is useful).

Additionally if you want to make other hybrids without dna, you can buy some components through the Amber market (like supranotitan, giganocephalus, etc)

Just sold my shybrids, have 98k DNA, so I’m gunna focus on making copies of stegoceratops because my herbivores are lacking. I also have a lot of amber so I’ll start hatching legendaries.

You can get an army of lvl 1 Diplosuchus to have as your amphibian roster.
I would get 2 copies of each legendary at lvl 30 so when you are able to improve your lineup, you can just fuse them
Go for the pelecanipteryx shybrid to help your pterosaur roster
Stegoceratops is definitely a good option for herbs
Carnoraptor is a great bargain dino so get a few carnos lvl 20

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