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Welcome back all you speeders

Sorry I dont understand the complete patch notes.

With the new patch we got the next speed race and only speed deceides who wins…

Erlidominus got a buff
Zorion got a buff

OP Magna dont got a nerf
OP Phoru dont got a nerf
OP Monometro dont got a nerf

Speeder killers like Tryko, they delete the slowing counter attack, and maxima they destroy completly.

Thyla you dont need anymore too, because Maxima is broken, and theres are to many dinos who have a rent or a wound resistance (Erli, Mono, Magna, Zor)

And then there is the broken thing with the stuning resistant, did Ludia react? No.
The following dinos have a resistant for stuning:

Phoru: 75%
Mono: 100%
Magna: 100%
Erlido 100%
Utha 75%
Spyx: 67%
Indo Gen 2 75%
Indo 100%
Tryo 100%
Smilo 100%
Maxi 100%
Gemini 100%
Mortem 75%
dilorach 100%
Grypo 100%
Mammolania 100%
Petro 100%
Monolor 100%
Tura 100%

Dont understand why Ludia dont delete the stunning attacks when 90% of all dinos are resitant… and why they dont fix this problem?

And we dont talk about the rending attacks, thats the next stupid thing… every normal attack is better than every rending attacks because for normal attacks theres no resistant but for rending sure we have to make the Magna family resistant… :rofl:

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Magna has counters. Gemini and Orion are probably the best right now, and most of the other speedsters counter it too. Why exactly is it OP?


because there are magnas with 2.4k dmg and 150 speed.
Everyone has boost magna and noone boost Gemini.
And there is no boost reset but sure all players have tousend of tons of boost to take all boost from Maxima to Gemini now… (your Gemini needs Lvl 30 with 11 Boosts of health to be not two shot against a magna rat with 2.4K)

If you dont have a faster dino than opponents Magna or a Phoru, you lost.

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That doesn’t mean Magnas are OP.

What you are saying is that anyone that max-boosts a creature makes that creature OP. Which is not at all true.


That’s a boost problem. I find it difficult to beat 145 speed Thors, but Thor is obviously not overpowered.


but boost are a part of the game and they never delete it… and so magna is op.
With all the speeders like zor, Erlido, Magna, Mono, Spyx, Phoro you dont have problem with a 145 speed Thor…

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Mammolania completely destroys speedsters. Even highly boosted Magnapyritors and Orions, in as much as they can give Mammolania trouble, still lose against more often than not.


You don’t get to decide what I have a problem with. Besides, those same boosted speedsters counter Magnapyritor, so why not use them?


Yeah Magna is nowhere near OP


Magna almost op just because the 128 basic speed and cant be slowed , the attack, health and critt are fine

And this is why I’ve decided to only boost my raid dinos. I will never boost PvP dinos. For what reason would you boost them? So you can see a better background while you get spammed with terrible emotes??? Pvp means nothing anymore. Pve is much better


Good point. I dont have many boosts, so i will save it just for raid dinos.

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The terrible emotes seem to stop after library. In gyro you see them occasionally. My theory is library is filled with crutch dinos. They seem to dump 90% of all boost into 2 or 3 dinos. I’m still trying to get back to mid gyrosphere and have been pushed into library a couple times this week. They start spamming me with their emotes when they go up 2-0 with their max boosted Sarco. When I take it out and win 3-2 I just give them a thanks at the end. What is worse is library the amount of players that just quit on you. I’ll land a crit to kill their best dino and then timer runs out on every move after that. Poor sports and sore loosers but you get into gyro and its way better.

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Or better yet the ones that pretend they quit

I promise that’s the way to go. You know what I said with the dentist max? Who cares? I didn’t put any boosts into mine. They all went into tuoramolach and I’ve saved the rest to in jest in future raid dinos

He’s destined to be countered by faster speedsters, immunity to slow is because of his fierce bloodline


Why do you keep making the same post with the same talking points over and over again?

Magna is definitely not OP. :rofl:

It is a nice counter to certain dinos and its a bit squishy so it can be taken out by many creatures itself.

Your issue is with boosts, not the creatures themselves.


Diorajasaurus and Mammolania eat speedsters for breakfast. My Diorajasaurus has handled nearly every high-speed creature that isn’t immune to deceleration. It eats up both Indoraptors as well as Erlidominus.


Rinex, indo, spxs, erlidom, Orion, phorasura, monomimus, gamma, and velociraptor: allows us to introduce ourselves