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Welcome Back the Uncut Victory Animation!

A million thanks to the Ludia team for bringing back the much-loved victory animation! I played a PvP, finished with my T-Rex Gen 2’s special attack and the original, uncut victory animation. Felt so good seeing the not-weird T-Rex’s victory animation of screeching and stopping midway.

This deserves a moment of appreciation! I did not see the “Level 45” tag removed from Sorna’s visitors center, but as soon as I tested the battles, the original animation brought back those 2015 vibes. So happy! :t_rex::sauropod:


I finished all my daily fights before I installed the update. Now I’m so exited that I must try an additional unplanned PvP. Let’s hope I’m not going to lose.

Update after PvP: This is so cool.:sunglasses:



Before, the winning animation of Hainosaur is it yawning :yawning_face:


I did the same too! @Tommi
I cannot wait to see the Indominus’ full animation today once again! :smiley: The Tyrannosaurus looked so weird when it stopped roaring midway and suddenly the screen shifts. Finally… FINALLY I can properly enjoy the last bit of the battles again, like the old days.

Seeing the full T-Rex victory yesterday brought back memories of playing this game at a hotel in Mangalore on 9th August 2015 (my birthday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and when my best creature was a level 20 Majungasaurus. As usual, I didn’t stick to it for long and when I came back the animation was cut… Finally it’s back.

I played a lot of PvPs today, and man was I so addicted to the game more than ever. I finished almost all battles with special attacks - Tyrannosaurus 2 Gen, Baryonyx, Pyroraptor, Indominus and Proceratosaurus. Felt so nice to see those guys finish their sentence without being rudely interrupted :joy:


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