Welcome Monomimus


After 48 Gallimimus trials and buying the 4 showcase incubators. Plus 4 incubators from Arena 8. I finally had enough DNA to get Monomimus. And it is pretty amazing even on level 16. This one has the potential to be one of the strongest dinos in the game


Wow, good job.
I’ve only got Galli once from 4 weekly showcases, and there’s not so many supply points around here…
So just completed 14 attempts.

Hope I could find the rest 34 Galli.:tired_face:


Ooh! Sorry to hear so. I know it sucks. I got lucky. I was at one of the biggest parks in North York, Toronto. So a long walk got me what I needed. And got 3/4 Gallimimus from the showcase incubators


Wow, nice work! Looks amazing, hope you have fun fielding her!


That’s some seriously good mouse work getting that much DNA from a spawn. Congrats!


Wow nice job on the darting! Impressive.

I’ve only seen gallimimus spawn like 6 times so I only have a lvl 3 gallimimus lol.


I did some crazy mouse work to get the DNA. And got lucky with spawns. Plus I bought all 4 showcase incubators in addition to Arena 8 ones.
As for besuty, she is an absolute beauty. And the animations are completely different than any other. I enjoy playing with her a lot


Yeah, I didn’t think you were playing on a mobile device with darting like that. So you cart your laptop around to collect dinosaurs?


Lol no. I play on my mobile. But level 14 with VIP & been Playing since prerelease so I got loads of practice.


By mouse work I thought you meant mice not the device. Lol


Ah man, she is beautiful.

2 Nulls and a dodge shield are like Indoms biggest nightmare.

Can’t wait until I unlock her! 2 More Galli levels and a week of the big nose epic special event!


And you didn’t dart all that without a hack … hmmmm

She is a beast of a Dino tho! :slight_smile:


No I didn’t. Those two are my highest darts ever. At level 14 which gives 24 DNA per dart. And I darted 10-11 direct plus some indirect. Hence the 300 DNA


Why people assuming someone is cheating just because they don’t have what other people have? So sad… Hope we can use the wisely assumption of innocence until proven otherwise. I personally have Gallimimo at level 5 and it’s fine for me, cause it was not yet in my collection, I will have surely other chances to create Monomimo :wink: Same with Blue, I have her now at level 11, too low hp to be put in my team, but can’t wait to catch her in this event and let her be stronger! :star_struck: