Welcome to 2019 .... this game is getting more absurd every day for veterans

Creature of the Day: TREX (Useless for Veterans)
Seasonal Creature: Dilophosauro (Useless for Veterans)
Tournament Creature: Utarinex (Veteran Useless) with three Veteran Useless Compounds
Mission Rewards: 10 Useless Creatures for Veterans

All these creatures already existed more than two years ago.

What incentive are we supposed to have for those of us who started in the game a long time ago and have long since had all the old uniques at level 30? Not a single incentive in the whole month.

What motivates Ludia to expel us from the game when some of them have been the ones who have spent the most in this game? As it happens to me so many times with Ludia, I don’t understand it.

Little by little all veterans disappear from the game. In our alliance it is an endless drain on the most motivated players in other times. In the general classification it is seen that many of the “classic players” have disappeared.

It is good that there is “new blood”, people who are excited about the game, but is it necessary to expel the veterans?

There is nothing to hunt anymore except some new creature that there is not even hope that they will serve to create a new powerful unique because all new uniques are trash or only good for raids. Our teams will continue to have the same creatures for months and months just waiting for the apex created based on raids that at first were fun to enter, but which soon became a boring and official obligation. You write down the blows on a piece of paper and you repeat them until it works.

More and more useless and boring time is needed (raids, sanctuaries, donations, missions, collecting coins and bills) while the two fun things we signed up for in this game (hunting and fighting) lose more and more sense.

I imagine that many veterans will leave the game in the next few weeks. Good luck to all of them with their new diversions. I am pondering whether to be one of them. Only the people of the alliance make me put up with it.


these words dont go together


Congratulations if you have fun. It was a lot of fun for a couple of weeks until it became boring and time consuming.

Anyway, that is not the important point of my post.


It’s January. They start from the bottom and work their way up to December with brand new creatures. It’s a progressive calendar.


I swear that half of this forum thinks that the entire jwa player base consists of only veterans like dude theres newer players and even players like me who still need stuff for tryko, erlidom, rinex, dilocherius… apexes are also something thats realy good got end gmae players tho i do agree that they realy need to buff some uniqes and that the newer ones should be better.

Also i like how i hear “i’m quiting the game soon if its gonna go like this” or “u are gonna loose all ur loyal players if u go like this ludia” every other week, and then those players proceed to stay on the forum complaining, and never realy quit


Even if you have their hybrids leveled you can always level up these dinos for tournaments. They are pretty good there.


I play since start and my 27lvl tryko is happy


Of course not. But as a veteran I have to agree that there is very little reason this month for veterans to keep logging in. It’s a pretty big group, and if Ludia loses momentum on those players it’s gonna be noticeable. If not enough new players come in, then the veterans who actually paid for most of the game will leave the game in ruins.


what classifies someone a “veteran”? having max/ near maxed teams? Playing for x amount of time?
There’s different levels of play and Ludia can’t cater to “veterans” all the time.

i’m a veteran. been playing almost as long as the game has been out. I don’t have lv 30 creatures yet. What i think you mean is more serious/ hard core players, which even then, ludia still has to acknowledge the casual players and the newer players.

we had a tournament month that was enticing to the veterans as it was a creature. this month its something that a lot of vets have a lot of already. can’t please everyone. (but ludia could’ve at lease made the season worth it)


Why would I leave just because the vast majority of the rewards this month are abysmal? There are some people that still want T-rex. especially because Indominus Rex needs about 25,000 Trex DNA to get to level 30 and that is very viable in PVP. Not to mention a level 30 T-rex epic is very popular to use during the weekly tournaments when not hybrid epics are in use and that takes a bunch of T-rex dna as well.

Ok. The Dilophosaurus is useless for many veterans. The end result of the unique of Diloracheirus is rather substandard but Dilophosaurus is only used in one combine as an ingredient for one creature, and who is to say, it won’t be used in another. It is also currently, unavailable except for events and some special scents like the Charger scent. So there is still an artificial demand for it, because Diloracheirus is still a needed healer for some raids as is Diloranosurus the legendary that uses its as an ingredient, but again I agree with you, this looks like the worst season award, in a long time.
Utarinex with all the swapping that goes around, is actually not that bad, but I see your point. Most veterans have this at level 30 and have better choices but for the person desperate to get the Urarinex to level 30 and with no access to Dracorex, they will want that DNA. Dracorex is also an event exclusive. It is also one of the top 3 rares to use in the weekly side tournaments when non rare hybrids are to be used exclusively.
The ingredients of Sincoeratops is useful for people who have yet to get Thor which is on over 75% of the teams in the top 500 and is still semi useful in some raids.
Not to mention sinoceratops is useful in those side tournaments where Epic only’s are used.

As for the weekly. The monolophosaurus is useful for people still building Stygidrayx and Pterovexus. which are both fun creatures to use on occasion.
Maybe some people want pyroraptor to work on their pyrritator and then Magma but I agree it is not that exciting.

Look I understand this month is a snooze fest but it still might help our alliance mates so because of that, I will still do my part to help my alliance get at least Rank 9 in the final tournament tally and of course we will all go 10/10 for the weekly stuff.
I do agree though, that we should complain I just don’t think I am just going to quit a game because all the prizes are substandard for a month…

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Well then I guess I should have said “veterans who really played this game quite a bit”. My tryko is 30 since February 2020 and it wasn’t long before due to lack of Kentro, not TREX (indoraptor was 30 in early 2019 and erlidominus in late 2019). I currently have about 28,000 TREX DNA.

But that’s not the point. The point is, there are plenty of dinosaurs that would make both new and old players happy. Last week, with new dinosaurs, I saw everyone happy. It is not necessary that all the dinos be new, but that this month 16 old creatures will be put as prizes, useless for many, I do not think, sincerely, that it is a good option. What would you think if the prize of the season was apatosaurus, the spinotaraptor tournament and the diplocaulus creature of the month? Well, that’s how I feel.

With veterans I meant more than the top 1000 in the classification that hardly any of those 16 DNAs will need to improve their equipment, perhaps in some case Trex to go up from 29 to 30 a Tryko.

All the people I know who started playing in 2018 or have quit the game long ago or have teams of all 30 or almost a long time ago.

But anyway, it’s not just that this month is disappointing. The issue is not to see what the objective of this game is. At first it was easy. You have to collect a lot of DNA to improve your dinosaurs and be better in the arena. Now for many, no DNA that can be hunted works. The last unique ones are useless and there are already 4 non-fusionable Apex (at the moment) on the way that will replace the fusionable dinos. Hunting is increasingly useless, which made this game different.

It’s just part of the natural “progression”. As you amass more and more DNA, more stuff becomes “irrelevant”, until eventually, only the hard to get stuff (exclusive/new release) is needed. You can’t really help it as ludia has to account for “everyone”.

At the same time, I completely understand where you are coming from. I suspect most players with maxed out teams don’t remember the last time they actively darted something from an event and that most of it can be summarized as: “what epics do we have this weekend? Maybe I’ll go for this one I guess”.

I’d really like if we could get more new hybrids from old “unused” stockpiled DNA, there are plenty of options still and it would be a nice change being able to actually create and level something new that isn’t “restricted” by exclusive/new release DNA.

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I think there would be many ways to make the game interesting for everyone. From the outset, it would be logical that the new uniques were somewhat better than the previous ones and not garbage.

As you mention, there are many legendary (and some epic and rare) non-superhybrid hybrids, waiting for their unique for more than two years. You take dsungaia, alakylosauro or procerathominus etc, you combine it with a new HUNTABLE dinosaur, not exclusive, that is a little better than the current TOPs and you already have a goal for everyone, new and veteran. But now we have all the new players trying to get the same 8 dinosaurs that the veterans already had 30 years ago and I think that’s bad for everyone.

Lots of big names are no longer with us.
No one really notices.
People come in to fill the void, the game stays the same.
It’s a new season, there is no sense in my playing for the next few weeks. That part of it got old about a year ago.

In the last 3 months, 5 of the 10 best players in our alliance have left the game. They endured a bit precisely because of that, because of the alliance, but in the end, a game that needs more and more hours, most of which is boring, does not make much sense.

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for me rexy is one of the best dinos in the game. seriously, it involves erlidom (raid creature), tryko (both), indom (pvp creature, is actually quite underrated), and itself which is a monster in tourneys outside of distraction.

Dilophosaurus can be used for dilorach, dilourano for raids and itself for tourneys.

Rinex is still really good in pvp and sino can be used for thor as well as allosino. draco is a really good rare tourneys creature.

if you have leveled all good creatures, then start leveling tourneys creatures and others just for fun until ludia finally decides to buff like everything or until a new hybrid comes out. plus once the new antaroventator gets a damaging counter, it will be like one of the best in the game since it is a wildcard.


The game isn’t built just for veterans. It has to cover players of all experience and levels.


Powercreep? No thanks, the new uniques should be on par with but not better than the preexisting uniques.

People come and go, but the spirit of the game remains strong!

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