Welcome to 2019 .... this game is getting more absurd every day for veterans

The veterans have the apex bosses, for that Ludia introduced them to the game, they also have the weekend tournaments where they are the ones with the advantage over the rest, because they enter with a higher arena classification than the new players, and they are the that they have the best creatures, you don’t think that the rest also deserve a month like this, because in the end those who spend money will not affect them one week or another because they can buy everything if they wish.

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Lots of money exchanged today.

Ludia: Here, have a “Free” Unique!

Players: not enough coin to level it and the legendary.
Buying coins…

This kinda sounds like someone who plays a game like a full time job and suddenly runs out of content. It’s a game, it has content, and if you grind it out by playing it for tons of hours you’re gonna run out of content. Now I get that this game uses the “game as service” model but even then you aren’t really supposed to be non-stop grinding. I’ve played F2P since day 1, played at my own pace, and have nothing at level 30. Still having fun ignoring events if they have stuff I don’t want and going after ones I do want. Veterans is an unfair tag, because ultimately the players you describe aren’t veterans…they’re simply people who finished the game’s content. Come back when there’s more content or relax your play, it’s not Ludia’s fault they made a good enough game to spend so much time on that you finished it all.

Ludia should really consider raising player level to 30 and dino level to 40. It would make it more interesting for us “veteran” players that have maxed a lot of dinos. I’m far from end game but I would like to be able to dart something I can use

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