Welcome to BigLizardInMyBackyard - alliance ;)


All active gamers welcome. Current members are around ~3500 trophies or a bit over, but everyone is welcome regardless to the amount of trophies. We’re a pretty new alliance, aiming to help each other and have fun without special rules or any fuss.


how on earth did this alliance name get past their filters?


Very easily. Without any issues :smiley:


lol i didnt want to comment haha. goodluck with your alliance


The name or the lizard?

Sounds like a fun alliance. Hope you do well.


bonne chance and godspeed, lara!


Wasn’t sure where I placed my lizard but now I know.


creative name! (Why didn’t I name myself godlike raptor? :thinking:)


Dead milkmen reference? I love it


I can’t afford to feed it anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! I’m glad someone got it. :smiley:


That is such a shame.

Also pretty catchy song!