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Welcome to Froopyland!

Denizens of Froopyland is recruiting! We currently have 5 open spaces that are ready to be filled with dino loving players like you!

We offer 3 level 20 sanctuaries. 8/9 weekly and are on pace for tier 9 in monthly. Experienced players that still love the game. And if you have the proper dinos we guarantee you complete every raid every week.

What we ask from you is that you play almost daily, dont have a 0 in season score and play wknd tourney and get your 10 kills. Thats it.

Discord is not mandatory but STRONGLY recommended. And if you’re serious about raiding it is a must.

Message me on here or discord at Nerfousmaximus#0077.

Look forward to hearing from you!

I want some friends for raids,do u help me out…

Updating this we could have a couple more spots if needed. So possibly if you’re a small alliance who would b interested in merging we may b able to make it happen.

Bumping removed a couple inactive ppl so we have several spots available still.

Bumping. Added some members and surprise surprise no help. So if your ACTIVE and would like to join hit me up. I removed afew so even if ur a small alliance that would like to merge we can make it wrk. Could make room for 10. Maybe 11.