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Welcome to Froopyland!

It’s Nerfousmaximus#0077.(after Nerfousmaximus please enter the Canada flag emoji)

would love to join have discord and ACTIVE also your discord user isnt working…

This is his username

Hey r u interested in joining still?

Just to back up what Nerf is saying. We have some really hard working low drama members who help the whole alliance in tournament and weekly rewards. DoF welcomed my crew of about 15 from our old alliance and we have been going strong since! DNA requests are often completely filled (except for the carno DNA everyone wants now) and raids are done using discord to communicate strategy. As of a few mins ago we are at level nine for tournament rewards with about 10 members who still need to complete their 10 takedowns.

Bumping. Have a couple spots open. New season new team? Come join us!

hey i will message you on discord I added you

One spot left. Perfect for that special someone!

Have 2 openings meow for that special couple. Come join the fun!

Can I join

Im level 13 with a little more of 3150 trophies