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Welcome to Hell?


Yeah made it :smiley:

Should I aim higher with my team or just be content with this?


Nice work! Definitely welcome to hell! Id be content. Look to add another unique to your team and you should climb further! Matchmaking in Aviary is awful some days. So dont get disheartend if you temporarily drop!


I have a very similar team and since the tournament started been going up and down between 4600 and 4400 so decided to wait it out a bit over 4500. I would suggest you to just camp over 4500 (and you have some nice incubators as well :D)


So tempting to see if I can push it and try for 4750 :sweat_smile: but then I think back at some of the insane teams I faced in high lockwood and I guess it will be even worse here :frowning:

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Yep, it gets worse. Diloracheirus and Utarinex start to appear regularly. Stegodeus is lvl 25+ usually.
I’m bouncing between 4600 and 4300.


Dude congrats! I see a lot of teams like yours in the 4k range. So be proud of yourself!!

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This is my team with I could barely break the 4750 mark:

Above 4600 trophy you will consistently face lvl 23-27 dinosaurs.


Welcome to the yo-yo :wink:

I’m over there with a similar team (level-wise, not same dinos).


Me aswell.

I camp this week and just hunting :smiley:


Welcome to the Dino grinder! Get a pinner on your team or join the hordes raging about getting drexxed! Also you want monosteg at least at lvl 20 as all the indom will be 20+

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ur saying that you made it to the @roadtohell0?
P.S. sorry @RoadToHell0


Aim for the stars … but prepare to eat a little dirt …


I have more than enough mono dna, tric is the problem :frowning:


Rare scents are your friend!!


No parks nearby in game though, they should really review the park allocation imo as there are parks near here…

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There is some way to geotag things in google maps literally get google to add your park to the Google Map which this game runs off! Then once it shows up in jwa walk over and become monosteg king! It’s not ludia that makes the map it’s gmaps


Well done MrAtkins, great achievment to reach the aviary ! But as some people here have said, beware, the level in aviary could be so high it’s discouraging. To be honest, I think it will be really hard to go through 4750 with your team. I stand in Aviary for a while but I simply decided just to hunt/do strike towers and not to compete at all in this whole tournament and remain at 4513 to catch the epic reward and Erlikosaurus (even if I live in spawn zone 3, this golden bird is very shy !!!)… my last battles before the beginning of the tournament were so horrible, facing multiple unique teams and bad times with rng (sick of theses 3 times dodging indoraptor and 3 times crit thora XD), I decided not to play with fire and my heart health XD… I took profit of this time to increase my team (and it works). And to say things, I have many players in my friend list for friendly battles and all of them who stand around 4750 have at least 3 uniques and high level legendaries… my own team includes 3 uniques and 5 legendaries (all 21-26) and I struggled like hell to reach 4700… before falling down to 4400. But if you want to aim the 4750 barrier, all my positive thoughts walk with you :slight_smile:


Wait till the tournament is over before fighting again, cause this game will send you flying out of there in no time


Welcome to Aviary, where legends fight to the death! I am currently at 5k, but have dropped to as low as the high 4500s during the tournament, so prepare to face teams like mine or much better on your hike to 4750… My advice, chill out and work on your team, whilst you wait for the tournament to end…


Sooooooo my adventure was asking a bit much from my team :joy: instead of getting to 4750 I dropped all the way back to 3800 at one point. But today made it back and yes I’m going to camp now :smile: