Welcome to Lockwood Estate! Would you like a tour?

Welcome! Beautiful day for a tour isnt it? Its great to have you. Please do have a look around, but be careful! You might notice some of our local pests milling about…the herbivores do so enjoy munching on our flowers…

Without further ado, lets get started! (Youll have to use your imaginstion since the game only shows outside…)

We shall start in the front garden area:

Then inside we have the master bedroom:

The guest room is just down the hall:

The pool room, across from the guest room:

Upstairs we have the other bedrooms:

Out back you will see the pool:

Over here is the jacuzzi:

And finally the 3 car garage:

That concludes our tour of Lockwood Estate! I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come again soon!


RUN!! The barbarians are at the gate!!

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Welcome to tank tier!!


Haha love that team!!

That 5 HP Indominus criting Tragobeachtis is sexy af though :heart_eyes::rofl:


:rofl::rofl: ty ty


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Well played - dont know which you were, but none of my opponents played badly. Well done :slight_smile:

Haha I think I’ was stop number 2 on the tour :joy:

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So I’m here, not sure if I’m going to stay though-dont think you snobs will put up with riff-raff like me for long😉

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I laughed, great post OP, but what is the deal with folks not countering thse dinos? It can be done ya know.

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In my list of dinos I do not want to see at level 30 neither Stegod or Tragod make the top 5

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I sure hope so! Finally reached Arena 9 yesterday and promptly got kicked into the Ruins again!

But I can’t wait to get back for a longer stay in this fine place :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes, we are! You better hide :laughing:

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I am sooooo excited for both utarinex and tryko.

Yes, I plan to use both as “counters” :grin:

Yeah, winning a battle has come down to who has the higher leveled tanks. Who needs strategy when one has an over leveled tank, eh?

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So I finally made it back just to get tossed down into the dungeon again! Too cruel :disappointed_relieved:

Here is proof of my short visit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: … and I’ll be back!

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