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Welcome to Mid Level Lockdown -Arena of the Legendaries!


I’d like to know where they hunt… I didn’t have a lot of these until I was in Sorna Marsh…

I have my account that I’m battling in Lockdown… and of course… hardly ever see many of the ingredients in the wild… maybe they are just paying for the DNA… or maybe they just have some really good areas…

Anyway… I guess my account will just sit there until after the tournament to ensure I get the 2500+ trophy prize…

Gratz to them for getting so much… just wish they would go win some more battles and battle where they should be… I don’t mind losing… but consecutive losses in this arena with teams of mostly legendaries… gets frustrating… of course not everyone in lockdown is like this… a lot of people I can give a good fight to and win or lose in a good battle…

Have fun everyone!


Secondary account? That’s against TOS.

Just FYI.

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Why would it be against tos? 2 phones 2 google play accounts…

Anyway so is cheating and ludia still lets them play…

But fixed for you…

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It is actually breaking the rules.
It’s also a rule on the forums.
It is against the ToS to make a secondary account.
If its 2 phones, 2 accounts, that’s fine.
It just is weird how you said “my account” instead of “me”.

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Couldn’t find anywhere in the TOS about restrictions against creating more than one account. But under the licensing you are only granted a license to download the app on a single device. It looks like multiple accounts is okay but a single user downloading the game on more than one device is against the TOS.

I barely have time to play one account let alone two.


Such a friendly forum where players look out for the well being of others…

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