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Welcome to Sorna Marshes: The arena with more variation! Please join the ”New movement” 🔙


I would like to invite everyone to have a look @ Sorna Marshes! (Arena 3000-3500)

While the upper arenas now become more of a pay-to-play, I would like to inspire everyone to bring back some funny dinos!


  • Not that much money to level up dinos.
  • More variations and combinations.
  • Use the rest of all your 140+ dinos!
  • Discuss tactics and cool combos!

In this arena players use level 18-21, and with a lot of variation!

With this said, have a look at the pictures of dinos I seen in the arena, and Please post your own if you see something cool out there!

Welcome to a more friendly arena!




Some dinos I battled last days:

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My own team right now.




Are Becky and Delta boosted?

ZERO (No) boosts in this team :+1:


After boosts got reworked I’m back home in the marshes with my team.

Under the old boosts I was up in ruins. But I’m relearning the new quirks …

Sure, come down and screw up the lower arena’s with your over boosted creatures… JAWN


All arenas will have boosted Dino’s. It’s the way it is. With new trophy system at least this wave of droppers won’t do much but sting your pride. So no real reason to complain ja?

NO. Just because you all screwed up your own arenas by levelling the same creatures and boosting the crap out of them doesn’t give you a free pass to come down and have a blast with your “slightly higher than usually found” creatures in the lower arenas. The “nice” atmosphere there will vanish, and that’s all because you can’t stand the lousy atmosphere you’ve created in your own arena. So please just stay there and sit out what you’ve created yourselves.


Was that directed at me with the you bit?

I’ve been in marshes for about 2 months…

No, I’m never personal. But fact is that everything above marshes has been a drama for months, only getting worse because of the spending, evolving and boosting frenzy. Unbearable at the moment, and now they’re all invited to come on down and mess all other arenas up. Not a very good idea


Are have you been up there? Cuz it’s been a mess down low for a while. A real mess.

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It’s only getting worse! Because many stopped battling for top 500, just gave up. The rewards are useless and so all drop down. My daughter finally saved and fused enough dna for her indominus but she can’t use it because if she does she’ll face full legendary teams… in Badlands. Hopeless and hardly any fun. It has become a big spender grownup game.


Enjoy a lot of battles down here!

Great variation!

Probably A LOT OF old players here, because some stuff I see can’t be made without grinding!



Sorna Marshes seems like a happy place, who would like to join me in building a base there?


The mess in lower arenas was not because of spending or the lack there of.

It is simply the result of poor players with good Dino’s. St Patrick’s Day had a huge hand in it. But now mostly it’s just poorly battling people with strong Dino’s.

I’m routinely going up against level 24 plus teams… Before that there were droppers… Before that there were level 20 irrigator players it just is what it is.

But badlands lockdown aren’t in any way shape or form affected by pay to win players.

You have your opinion I have mine. I was in badlands just a few months ago and all I encountered was an indominus level 16 once in a while. Now encountering all level 18-20 creatures or legendarys level 18 full teams with player level 17-20 is more common than exception. In fact I’m quite sure that since 1.7 the arena is only a skin based on your trophy count and you’ll encounter anybody there from whatever arena sort of based on the magical calculations of matchmaking… as where before this only occurred if your trophy count was near a lower or higher arena.

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I dropped like a stone to the badlands before 1.7 and a bit before that when I played an all natural dino team.

There was a lot of legendaries down there back then.

When I was in badlands before I made my first legendary 1.5 | 1.4 there were a fair amount of legendaries

Just stating facts.

For what it’s worth this is my team and before boost rework it was a ruins \ marsh team… Now it seems it is a solid marsh team.