Welcome to Sorna Marshes: The arena with more variation! Please join the ”New movement” 🔙

Because by not saving their boosts for tyrants they ensure no progress… you need boosted tyrants to pass through sorna leveling and boosting those hybrids has got those lower levels on a treadmill there not gonna get off until they can create and then boost a team of strong legendaries and uniques…

One boosted tryrant pretty much can run 3-0 vs those boosted dinos he showed.

I just moved into the marshes and I am kind of afraid to progress further because of boost issue. What should I expect?

Basically Sorna marshes is a battleling paradise

Wrong arena, that’s Lockdown

Like the movie “The Beach”.

I copy this.

Great said mate! :+1:

Spot on.


I have fallen ~ 600-700 arena-points in a few days.

My team I posted can’t keep it up any longer.

More and more powerful teams comes from lower arenas.

Meaning, my funny (Not boosted) dinos having a really hard time with boosted, but low level power-dinos.

I’m not trying to argue just to get that clear I’m explaining my view

The reason my statement was made is other than Thor and dracoceratops tyrants are difficult to make and long in coming.
There is plenty of time to get boosts between now and tyrant creation for any player who is boosting sinoceratoos to try and stay alive.

My self I’m in ruins now with out any tyrants but the dracoceratops.

I’ve basically written off getting any tyrants because monomimus and the Draco’s have taught me that ;

By the time I can get them they are nerfed

If I keep getting and leveling one or two will get changed and made tyrant.

So I literally have 0 uniques. And I been playing since about 1.3 or 1.4

Theres nothing wrong with your point of view… @Moksha quoted me from the other thread where i said players in lower arenas pretty much need to boost what they can level easy just to hopefully push to sorna to get your 3 boosts per day instead of 2. At that point they can either a start working on their end game team or b settle down and take a perspective similar to yours.

My kid has a level 9 account and has constantly been facing boosted dinos. Cant use even use boosts at that point… so its a pretty big handicap and clearly the priority now is to get to 10…just so you can boost yourself and have a somewhat even match.

Well, that’s an unlucky Oof

Thanks. Yeah.

And a new ”Thor” in lockdown.

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You just now ran into a boosted alosino?

Wow you been lucky

My kid too. Level 9, half a level away from 10 and using boosts. He has a team of level 15 Triceratops, level 17 Einosuchus, level 15 sinoceratops, level 15 concavanator, Level 13 erlikosaurus, level 15 Miragia, level 14 Alanqa.

He fought a team of boosted level 18-20s. Now on the plus side he only lost 3-2, he held his own. UNBOOSTED, but still, it’s a little asinine. All had speed boosts, his Alanqa was the only dinosaur that outspeeded any of their dinos. I didn’t see how many trophies he lost.

He faced another set of all speed boosts. Held his own again lost 3-2, but couldn’t overcome the speed hump to come from behind. That at least was a little more level balanced.

When it comes to boosts you can balance out strength/health by level when you don’t have boosts, but speed is mitigated by level in Speed/rarity ties.

Yeah one of the matches yesterday the opponent had a 2-3 level advantage plus boosts…

Thats just straight up nonsense.

I live in the Marshes. I can play about 40 different dino’s there.

What’s happening here!?!?


Looks like folks took your advice. They dropped down to Sorna, boosted the heck out of stuff and are getting easier wins than they would have up higher because everyone else is playing ‘the fun stuff’.

Be careful what you ask for.

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Yup. My wife was stuck in marshes with a team of boosted Dino’s;


All level 21 plus.

I literally had to break her out of marshes now she is in ruins fighting weaker Dino’s and holding her own.

:roll_eyes: Go figure :unamused:

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More variations from this arena!

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Maby. I just have a feeling people are tired of battling same stuff in every match.

Myself have levled up a lot of dinos from 15-20 instead of putting all coins in 1 dino. Having a great time down here! :cherry_blossom:

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