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Perhaps a bit out of topic, but is there a reason why you prefer a lvl 25 monomimus than a lvl 30 trago? Just out of curiosity. Monomim seems so fragile to me.

Sadly players asked for team based match making. So the game is ridiculous. You can sidestep better teams.

Top 500 has easiest matches I’ve played. Provided you’re under 5500. Whole thing is upside down due to this.

I guess Lockwood will actually be harder for you.

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I had to bench my 30 Trago and Suchotator because I was getting even worse matches than I’m currently getting. In fact, I have learned (taking notes and looking at opponents’ stats) that the game in its current state favors those with lower level dinos when in comes to trophy allocation; some of those are ridiculously boosted but boosts are not taken into consideration at all. Even trophy no. is secondary to team level (overleveled rares will hurt you!)

I kept losing an unfair no. of trophies until I came close to crashing into Lockwood. Then I decided to take off all dinos > level 25… and guess what, I started winning again and getting a decent no. of trophies. How crazy is that?!

Here’s my eclectic current team:


This might be offtopic, but you should use that max suchotator. It counters a lot of uniques. #BetterThanYouThink

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Lvl 24 pyrri :disappointed_relieved:


I did… until 1.7 forced me to temporarily bench my Suchotator. But she’ll be on my A team again when Ludia fixes this mess (being optimistic).

Sadly having any high level dinos hurts you right now in the arena (rares/legendaries are treated just like uniques… although they’re not comparable).


Another glaring example if what’s wrong with this game… how does a noob (or more likely alt account violating TOS) get this many trophies? And yes, I got wrecked by a 168-speed Velociraptor!

How does that even happen?

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This is the new match making. This scrub has more trophies then many with all 30s who didn’t buy boosts. High level teams play each other and low level teams can beat up on each other especially with boosts and raise quickly. Without high level teams to meet people rising to quick, you just continue to rise beating other mediocre teams.

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Hoping to not sound nieve, but where is the rest of the deck?

I like that flag upper right, very appealing :grin:

Remember when we were noobs almost a year ago? You could enter the arena if you had at least 4 dinos.

This was is clearly no noob though (I was sarcastic) and is just exploiting the game just like he or she probably exploited the stat boost bugs.

Actually, it’s an advantage if you have only 4 dinos you can boost to the max because you know what you’ll get each time :frowning:

Doesnt matter how good it is… match making specific penalizes people who are running max level dinos without a max level team.

Earlier todat i took 50 trophies from a guy in lockwood at 4400 while Im at 4800… our teams were fairly close in level besides my boosts which match making cares nothing about… but he had a lvl 29 suchotator… so despite the fact i had a boost advantage, despite the fact i was in the next arena and beat him 3-1 he lost 50 trophies.

If they nerf boosts tomorrow alot of people are gonna wake up and realize match making is accounting for most of the arena matches.

You cant make boosts stronger then levels then have match making only care about levels. And you cant be having teams at 4800 facing teams at 4400 and dodging the higher level teams…

I havent faced a team with a single lvl 30 on it since i hit 4500 last week and I know their out there… and they should be my road block… but Ludia made me a detour called play teams only my level.


Sad that there isn’t a requirement beyond Mt Sibo. I’ve been playing a long time and didn’t realize that was a thing.

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Same thing that’s kicking the behind of unboosted high level teams. @DeLana and I have a close team average and the trophies lost is so wrong.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Ludias 1.7 matchmaking logic slopfest was actually calculating that teams effective rating as if there WERE 8 Dinosaurs in the team and not 4.

However they work it out, taking the aggregate of 4 dinosaurs level, rarity and boosts, etc then dividing it by 8 would be just the kind of thing that Ludia would do.


Yeah ive seen your teams… my boosted team with a avg lvl 21… isnt beating a full team of 27-28 even without boosts not without some crazy rng helping me out…

But it would be a fairer match then those people playing full 30 teams with boosts and me playing people with lvl 23-24 avgs and wrecking them with boosts.

Back when we used to debate here about match making there was a few of us that said you cant match make based on levels alone because lvl 21 teams could climb up the ladder and avoid fighting higher level teams that should be beating them down to their natural spot. And thats exactly what Ludia did.


I bet your right on that… if Ludia couldnt imagine high levels dropping down to beat on low levels for alliance rush… they prolly didnt think of those ill only creat 4 dinos and work on those… alt accounts.

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He’s legit.
He is a Redditor that started that account a while ago to see how far he could go with a permanent set team of 4.
Report him if you want to, Reddit will get a kick out of it. LOL
(In fact I gotta share this. He’s been in Avairy for over 10 days now BTW.)


Adding to the whole boost insanity is a wrecked/messed up trophy count/matchmaking.

I’m at 51xx trophies in reality, but the “system/ranks” got me around 54xx.

This always needs some time to refresh BUT: It’s not fixed then.

Even, when it refreshes (real count and ranking in unison): When I do another battle (maybe hrs later, after restart, whatever) - it’s out of balance again then.

I just won a battle after both count & ranks were equal. Now I’m at 5118 in reality but 5444 in the ranks.

That’s probably one of the reasons, why I (we):

  • get matched up against op teams (because it counts me as beeing 54xx, which I’m not)
  • lose 50 trophies against teams of around same (real) trophy count.
  • only gain 10 trophies for a win against teams higher up in trophies (in reality)

Messed up…

My relating “bug report” is beeing reviewed…

temporary fix & related problem: I restart the game and wait a few minutes, then everything is in line again BUT as soon as I have a new battle outcome, real trophies and ranking are messed up again. So, the “system” obviously has me fixed around 54xx trophies somewhere.

For a new battle with right trophies/ranks I have to restart again. and again. and again….

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