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boosts , combined with RNG , what did you expect …


And the fun continues… my most recent opponent has 913 more trophies (I lost of course, but amazingly it was a good game).

Welcome to the wild, wild west that’s the Aviary :laughing:


I ran into a lvl 26 boosted miragaia just now… i had to double check to make sure it wasnt a bot.

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That pic just shows how powerful boost are.

Here is my lightly boosted teir 2 team. I can barely get out of Ruins and when I do climb out its one or two matches and it’s right back to Ruins again.

Apparently this is the area I am supossed to be at with this team. Doesnt look right to me but according to feedback here, all is normal for this team to be in Ruins.

Ps - Before 1.7 I was at 5300+ up in aviary.


That isn’t right at all, there are many players with lower avg teams on the LB. How did things get so messed up? I will have to look at the 800 posts to be reminded. Hang in there!


I did drop from Aviary to Lockwood on purpose to get INCS. But when I got to lockwood it was good old fashioned butt kicking from boosted Thor and DracoRat that knocked me down to Ruins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boosts are everything now.


I think it the next few days will be a little crazy, but it will all shake out after that and players will be back where they belong. Those who are currently much higher than they should be will start losing as soon as they start battling (nothing takes your trophies away if you don’t battle… but you also won’t get the daily battle incubator with its boosts). Others who are currently much lower than they should be (@GorillaGlue has no business in Ruins with that team) will get back where they belong.

We need to all be patient - and hope Ludia corrects the trophy algorithm that currently still favors low level highly boosted teams without accounting for their actual strength.


Good luck up there everyone. May the RNG every be in your Favor



Facing boosted level 28 uniques in Lockwood. I think I saw 7k hp…
This game has become a train wreck.

Taking a break for a few…hours? Days? Dunno.

Have lost interest.

Ludia’s greed is sinful. This was all planned. I even considered buying HC to get more boosts… It’s what they planned.


I’m stuck in the lower Aviary for the same reason (was > 5,000 before 1.7). The old trophy formula, which only considered difference in trophy number before the battle, was better than the current mess which heavily favors boosted lower level teams. After winning 5 battles and losing 3 I was 100 trophies lower than before… that’s just crazy and very unfair.


I dunno about that boosts maintenance has had 0 impact on my teams performance… these 600-800 trophies ive gained since boosts were implemented seems to be my new spot…
Yeah my team isnt as fast as it was but everything does more damage and has more health.


Yeah, I see some of you guys’ teams, way better than mine and I have more trophies. That can’t be right…

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Better how? Level are still irrelevant and boosts still mean everything… the only thing that really changed was the speed boosts and some people have taken the opportunity to buy some boosts themselves…


The player that was mentioned 5 days ago in the original post is down to 5442 trophies today and is occupying rank 201.


So here is my team. Played since the beginning, put in more real money than I’d ever care to admit, bought all the boosts in the store yesterday.

Prior to 1.7 I was 5500-5800 trophies. Now around 4900. I’m winning more than 50% of my games, but when 1 loss wipes out 5 wins, well this is the result.

Not much incentive to battle.

Trophy calculations

That’s what I’m saying. Levels should matter more than they do now. Some creatures were never meant to be faster than others…

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Just one more example:

Starting point: 4,603. My highest dino: 28

Battle 1: won 10
Opponent 4,689 trophies - highest dino 24

Battle 2: won 10
Opponent 4,614 trophies - highest dino 26

Battle 3: lost 50
Opponent 4,848 trophies - highest dino 26

This is ridiculous!!!

Started with 4,603
Won 2, lost 1
Ended at 4,573

This is so wrong! You win and fall further behind!


Aviary is a mess right now. Matchmaking doesn’t work at all.

My recent opponents

My current rank and team


So I decided to test if I would do better if I benched my highest level dinos, everything above 26 (this included my boosted 27 Rinex and 28 Indoraptor). And wouldn’t you know it, I did better!

But something happened I need to report here.

I won 34 trophies after defeating someone with 700 fewer trophies than mine! And the opponent is nowhere near 4,300 trophies, so why was he even matched with me? I thought the rule was that anyone in the Aviary (4,500+ trophies) can be matched with anyone who has 4,300 or more trophies?!

My trophies (after the battle): 4,687
Opponent’s trophies: 3,990

My team levels: 23 - 26
Opponent’s team levels: 24 - 30 (Suchotator)

This is so wrong and unfair! My opponent should have never been matched with me, and certainly not lost > 10 trophies!


I tried doing this as well, not to the extent you did but my B squad got me 15 whole trophies!!

I guess it’s better than 10? :man_shrugging:

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