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Welcome to the 'crutch' meta

I was really looking forward to boosts 2.0. On paper it looks so good - in practice? Nuh-uh. Nope. No way.

Boosts are at such a premium now (unless you can just buy them all) that the best thing to do is apply them to a select few dinos, and just hope you get one or two on your team for each battle. Protect them at all costs - they are the key to winning. I just fought a battle where I faced L30 unboosted dilo, then L30 unboosted utarinex and defeated them both - then super boosted L30 procera struts out and wrecks my team. It’s not the first time.

What are your crutches? I’ll admit, I have mine. Last “season” I experimented and super boosted 3 creatures - Maxima, Quetz, and DC. I finished 35th (right now I’m about 800 - pay to win is indeed the case). I pulled them all out and now I have super boosted indom and indom2. I get both? I can be pretty confident. I get one? I still have a good shot. I get neither? Forget it, I’m likely toast (though this could also be because I now refuse to play with uniques, and usually just have in my epic team + indom).

Oddly though, it seems a bit like crutches have allowed for some variety, as people can play around with other creatures while keeping their 3 or so powerhouses on the team.

Still, it’s pretty lame that boosts 2.0 only shifted the problems, and didn’t really fix anything.


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as a “crutch” i’d have to say my tryko, tho she’s no where near max level or boosts. takes out problem erlidoms like charm, and on occasion can defeat an indo g2. Thors as well if my opponent brings them out while i got rampage ready.

I keep seeing stuff with insanely high speed stats. 140+ on indo g2. 130+ on thors. We are right back to the beginning of boost 1.0 where people super boosted 1 thing while the rest of the team caught up. Gets old and demoralizes other players.


My main crutch is tryo… its not super boosted. But it can do work normally take a dino or two sometimes a team. After boosting erli and indo… it seemed like the best place to put the rest of my speed boosts as unlike thor i dont have to spend a ton a spots on speed boosts and still can enjoy the benefits of having a chomper be faster then an unboosted erlidom.

This is my main crutch. I have Erlidom and Quetzy boosted but not as much as this darlin.


I love that its Tenrex and not Thor. I salute you. And still I think they snuffed Tenrex from the battle balance survey. She could alone bring so much balance with a small buff. I love tenrex though. Do not underestimate her. (Immune to deceleration immune to stun?)

As for crutching I don’t do it. I have finally boosted a few days ago and I did a balanced team. It’s very annoying when crutch boosted dinos come out. Then I realize it’s a boring match. Honestly might close the app for wasting my time. I don’t care if I lose, I want to have fun with my time.

Crutches ruin other players experience if I didn’t love this game I’d leave if I saw things that I see. Without my heart, the other player goes to a different game. Remember that when you troll an opponent with your uber boosted crutch boosted to the moon dino.


Well i get what your saying it really is more effective to distribute boosts to 1-3 dinos then a whole team.

8 attack boosts spread evenly doesnt do a whole lot… 8 attack boosts one over dino is like a level and a half worth of stats. And thats just attack and health boosts. Speed is even stronget because of how powerful it is.

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Oh I know trust me its effective for now, I see those overboosted dinos everyday and they cause me some trouble. I still stormed into gyro quick though. But it is annoying to feel like you might win. Then out comes a Thor lvl 30 with near all maxxed boosts or procerat with 161 speed destroying a whole team and strategy.

If one does not absolutely love this game, things like that will cause them to look other places. I happen to love the game though, very much lol.

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Agreed about the looking at other places thing. No way a casual or new player trying the game would put up with half of what the dedicated long term players deal with.

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Why would anyone who doesn’t love this game stay. When a crutch dino comes out it will piss veterans off. It will piss new players off. It’s bad voodoo.

If we all keep making crutches WE are making players leave too. Not only Ludia. You know the thing “its not illegal, but it ain’t right”. Well the players don’t follow that moral. Look you of all people know I’m definitely not a Ludia protector. But it is players faults too.

And boosting 1 dino boosted to the moon ain’t fun to battle man. You might have fun squishing the opponent but if we put ourselves in there position, how do you feel?

I’ll tell you what the feeling is for casual… “Screw this game. If you don’t have all maxxed boosted crutches you can’t compete with 161 speed and 100k crit 40% max boosted dinos. Let’s play another game.”


Whenever I see another crazy boosted team in the Arena I just laugh so hard. They either have nothing else to spend their money on and we all know you can’t be in your right mind if you spend that much real money on this game, or they’re lonely without anything better to do than battle all day to grind the incubators and spend too much money on speeding them up :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

My crutch is my beautiful erlidom at lvl23 my highest level dino and the only one high boosted in relation with my other dinos. For the most part my team is unboosted so erlidom is my thor and rat killer.

Best is when you beat a crutch with unboosted team. :grin: All those boosts wasted. :joy::rofl:

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Yeah that is a good feeling but if the crutch is boosted up enough in a certain dino there will be nothing you can actually do boosted or not.

By the time you kill it (if you even do) your team will be pretty shattered and then there other mini boosted fresh dinos make easy work of you. The only thing you can do is hope evasive dodge works… Because even distracting them won’t be enough lol. Dishing nearly 3k damage while being distracted lol.

My crutch is Tryostronix. I know there are way higher boosted Tryostronix in higher arenas, but I’m only in Aviary.

She can outspeed a lot of things, while also being able to survive a few hits. She has 2 hp boosts, 2 damage boosts, 5 speed boosts.

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This one’s kinda tough. My crutch is determined by what I’m dealing with.
Dio and Magna are my only two max boosted dinos so far, but Erlidom, Tryko, Maxima, and Indo G2 can also ruin someones day if they get a bad draw.
The only two under performers I have are Thor and Tenrex.
Thor will be replaced by Orion… Not sure about my boy Tenrex.
He’s good enough I’m keeping him short term

It depends on my 4 picked. Sometimes I win the match because I pulled my Utarinex (only speed boosted a little to T3) and Kaprosuchus (T4 speed, T1 attack) and Carnotarkus (unboosted), other times having Erlidom and Erlikospyx together chances are pretty high to win (Erlidom being T10 HP, T13 A, T1 speed, Spyx being T3HP, T4 A, T8 speed). If I have Maxima (T4 HP) along with them, the match is almost won.
None of my critters can win a match alone guaranteed though, because Tryko can beat Erlidom, Maxima can beat my Spyx, Thor can beat my Maxima, Erlidom can beat my Utarinex with 1 rampage most of the time, and Kapro alone won’t kill something yet, but will do a lot of damage as the other half critter in the start after taking out first kill, ensuring I use all 4 creatures to do damage.

I’ve actually spread my boosts relatively evenly on my team and although I’m not chasing the top I haven’t really had a major flux up or down since the boost reset. I think people who are super boosting a few dinos limit themselves too much but I do think the new system is too prohibitive of adding new team members (but still an overall improvement over the previous iteration)

I 100% agree with the original post from Tuco.
The cost of boosting is now a barrier for so many of us. Coupled with the principle of spending money on something we had before they reset is reason enough not to waste cash on them again for so many players too.
So notwithstanding as to why the new boost system is nothing like what we hoped it would be, I’ve used the most boosts on Erlidominus which has 14 boosts applied and is level 27,and Magnapyritor which has 13 boosts applied at level 24. I’ve done this because they are both immune to everything and already have decent speed. If I get either I know I have a chance of a win. If I get neither I know I’m going to struggle as the other six dinos in my roster have a total of 40 between them, averaging less than 7 per Dino.

Well I can see why people do it. But it ruins it for others. And becomes what everyone does. Once a few people lead that way the rest of the players are forced to go that route too. Personally I think its lame

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I love when level 26 Indoraptors show up. I just spam the yawn emote and take forever to die.

Dont really have a crutch though

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