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Welcome to the family big girl!


Nice moves! What is this :blush::star_struck:




She’s on the event @Bluesbaby :wink:

I was allowed 1 go… the other 8 had to be Ourano… so needed 150 min as I started on 0… and got it ++ v. Happy :smiley:

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It actually has a great move set and HP


Tempting but might wait till the tourney is over to get mine

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hmmm i might go. i have 23 dna already

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Darted two so far 120 & 99 … the tail to head target switch is a mare


Any other creatures with shield advantage? Not seen that move before :thinking:


I can’t think of any… we’ll be back in 10 mins if you want a friendly to see if we can try her? x


And YES hate that tail to head! Couldn’t even see where the target was sometimes it was off the screen. Horrible!


ugh hes so slow though


And 0 armour


Congrats @ResearchGirl !! :heart_eyes:

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Woah new move?

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This thing was a nightmare to dart. Got mine up to level 15, I already have tons of Brachio and Ourano DNA. Nice move set, terribly slow though

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