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Welcomed change

Something changed this week but I’m afraid to mention it because usually when something good happens in the game they realize it was a mistake and undo it. Plus I need to see if it was a fluke or if it continues as we progress. Happy darting everyone.


Haha, you obviously mean the decreased darting requirement! I hope it extends beyond rank 2. It is wonderful and much appreciated.

I don’t think I’m jinxing us by thanking the devs for making positive changes in mission requirements.



Yeah, also was happy to notice that
Now we need 6000 instead of 7500 darts for getting silver
1200 supply drops instead of 1000
and 90000 any DNA instead of 75000

I hope Gamepress or someone will get all this changes in one article
Previosly Gamepress has this article and it was a big help to count down daily KPI for clanmembers (and myself)

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There was also a switch in number of battles and number of creatures defeated. Much appreciated :grin:

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Unfortunately same number to get to rank 4. But now we are a few hours ahead. We normally get stuck on that last 1k for a few hours. Unfortunately today we lose those hours on update

It’s a start. Maybe they’ll read this and make changes to rank 4. We can always hope.

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