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Well, Call Me Mick Jagger

Four scents (two Rare, two Giga) and I have gathered (nor seen) no Mos.

Hopefully the rest of you unlucky folks can wallow in self-pity with me while we watch others dart Scutosaurus. :wink:

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I launched a epic, two rares, one large common, and two 5 minute scents tonight. The only one I attracted was Inostrancevia. I found Scutosaurus without the scent earlier in the day, but didn’t dart enough to create it. Look around for another and no luck. I was also looking for Moschops, but couldn’t find any.

Then around 11:30pm Pacific Coast time guess who shows up?

So I decided to make a quick run to the park to go get it. Then an hour later (12:30am Pacific Coast Time). Guess who shows up at the same park?


Unfortunately I was not able to get this one. Hopefully tomorrow I can find another one to finally create it.


I get it. I did finally see a Moschops. This post was supposed to be more humor than whining, but it is funny to see some people getting it all right out of the gate while others get radio silence.

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That’s awesome to hear. :grinning: I was almost starting to think that my game really hated me yesterday. Lol :laughing:

A little humor can go a long way when dealing with a difficult situation. I think it’s the only way I can stay sane. :grinning:

I’ll find that Scutosaurus. I’m determined! :grin:

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took me 2 giga scents to find a single moschops.


I think that if everybody would just picture me looking like this, every post and reply I make in this forum would make a lot more sense.


Also, knowing that I’m no stranger to four-level puns is a good point of context.

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I must be favored by RNG, because I created Mos and Scuto during the same giga last night. The Scuto was a very pleasant surprise, I thought I’d be hunting him for ages.

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Once the game went live again I opened it up and had Inostencivia (I haven’t worked out the spelling yet :laughing: ) right on top of my house. Went for a quick walk around the block and found two Moschops. No sign of the others yet though, although an Alliance member has put Scutosaurus in our sanctuaries thankfully.

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I found a single Entelochops late at night… I was able to dart it from my back garden, but it was too far away to unlock it.

Still waiting to see the others (aside from the common, of course). Would help if Monolopho would stop spawning all around me :laughing:

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You mean monolopho spamming near you?

A little update:

Found one at a park to finally unlock it. I think I have found more Scutosaurus than Moschops at this point. The rare is very rare. :grimacing: Glad I darted it when I finally saw one.

Has anyone played with their Moschops in the sanctuary? It plays with a gyrosphere. After I played with mine, Moschops disappears. Lol :laughing: Not sure if that was supposed to happen? Has anyone else encountered this? :thinking: I’ll have to try it again today to see if I get that again.