Well done Ludia for changing sanctuary mission requirements

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet but for the past few days my sanctuary F/I/P requirements have remained firmly at 3 per day for whatever I get given.

I know reading the forum a lot of people struggled to get 6 in a day so big well done to Ludia for actually listening and reducing the daily requirements


I’m really glad they changed it too cuz it was getting tough to get 6 over here too


Well done and thanks, Ludia!

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Didn’t mind the 6 too much but good to see they listened.
Haven’t noticed the bug in chat where you can’t post after a battle lately either.

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That, and scrolling is slightly improved too (still buggy). Unfortunately there are new bugs that make requests disappear and chats and requests still shoot all over the place.
Ludia devs: It’s “SELECT messages, requests FROM chat WHERE alliance_id = :alliance_id ORDER BY date_published DESC LIMIT 100”.
Not “ORDER BY weather_conditions”
Or any other language than SQL. It can NOT be so hard.

Yes have to give them credit. This is a good thing @Ludia_Developers good job.

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:rofl: Ahh, programmer jokes :+1:

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